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So I did kind of a stupid thing this morning. Let's set the scene:

Since my hair has gotten longer, it has become important to dry my hair at least partially in the morning, both so that my bangs don't split at my part across my forehead (because I have some really bad cowlicks) and also because I have a lot of it and will look like a drowned rat if I leave it to dry by itself. I don't have a lot of patience or give myself enough time in the morning, though, so I usually don't take very much time to do this, five minutes tops. I also am not adept at it because I haven't dried my hair in years.

The outlet I use for my dryer is on the wall next to the mirror, so the cord hangs over the stuff on my counter when I'm using it. Among the stuff on my counter is a dish I use to keep earrings and wedding rings in because I am too lazy to keep them elsewhere, even though a couple weeks ago I reorganized the drawer I kept my makeup, necklaces, earrings and hair stuff in by transferring everything to a plastic set of drawers that lives in my closet. I had put almost all of my earrings in there except this dish, which still lived on the counter. This usually works fairly well because my earrings are at hand whenever I want to put in earrings in the morning or take them out at night.

Well, today my luck ran out, and while I was drying my hair, the cord to my dryer upended the entire earring dish into the sink.

I dug out what I could, mostly the stuff that didn't quite make it to the drain and the longer ones that didn't fit down the drain. I'm lucky my rings didn't fit because that would have set me over the edge. I would have been a lot more devastated if I hadn't taken apart the sink before, which I'll admit I'm pretty pathetically attached to these things, but once I saved what didn't go down the drain, I took a deep breath (okay, I cursed a fair amount) and left it for when I could take apart the sink.

The end to this story is pretty anti-climatic. Once I got home from work, paid bills for the month, and ate a delicious dinner Mike made, taking apart the sink wasn't too hard, just really gross. If I hadn't taken the sink apart before, it would have been even more disgusting, but since I had cleaned it out last time, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I was initially disappointed that only three earrings came out of the p-trap when I unscrewed it, but looking down the drain, I found most of them were stuck in the upper drain sludge. With the help of an old toothbrush, I pushed most of them out. They're now sitting in a mug full of hydrogen peroxide, though it's not fizzy so I'm not sure it's active. I might need to get a fresh bottle this weekend.

Anyway, there's my adventure with the sink today. I guess I learned that I don't get to leave my earring dish out while I have longer hair. Haha. Oh well. At least I have some handywoman skills.


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