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I think last I wrote here, we were prepping for Olive's surgery. You may have seen this on Facebook, but she made it through just fine. The doctor ended up pulling six of her worst teeth (some were broken, others were being reabsorbed somehow). She left a few that are questionable but not giving her any pain as far as we can tell, so she at least has some teeth left. They also cleaned what was left, so hopefully I can find a way to keep them that way. No idea how her mouth got so bad, but she is supposedly sixteen and came from a bad home before I adopted her. Also, they were able to remove the growth from her leg with no problems. I had the option of sending it for further testing to confirm what it was and see if they got it all, and it ended up being what they thought (a benign growth on one of her sweat glands). They also confirmed that it had been completely removed and wouldn't grow back. Phew!

Olive spent quite a bit of time readjusting to home life after she got out of surgery. She had to wear an e-collar to prevent her from getting at the stitches in her leg as well as eat soft foods so she wouldn't aggravate the dissolvable stitches in her mouth. She couldn't see very well with the e-collar on, so she ran into things a lot more easily and couldn't do a lot of her normal routine. It was also difficult to figure out what she liked and disliked in terms of food because she was used to eating dry food I left out all the time with the occasional treat of wet food, so I was pretty paranoid the whole time that she wasn't getting enough food because I had to pick up what she didn't eat of the wet food or it would dry out or smell all day. Whew. Trying to feed her more often as well as giving her pain meds the first few days are both things I'm glad I don't have to do on a regular basis anymore.

Her recheck was on Friday, and while she had an accident on the way to the office (which was sad and a bit mortifying for all involved), the doctor said she had healed remarkably well for her age. After taking out her stitches, the vet said she didn't need to see us for a long time. What a relief. While I was prepared for the worst, I wasn't really looking forward to losing another cat so soon, and I'm glad that we will have her around for hopefully another couple of years or longer, even if she's being picky as hell now.

It does make me miss Kiki, though. I feel like I didn't do right by her in many things, even though she gave us much more trouble. I wish she was still here with us anyway.

Other than that, I don't really feel like updating on anything else. I'm upset about the mass shooting in Orlando and me and... life in general, I guess. Mike's off on yet another run to Livermore to pick up food show supplies, and I don't feel like getting into it right now. Maybe I'll go to bed early for once and call it a day. It's been a long weekend, and there's hopefully plenty of time to get into things or feel better enough to not later. That's ambiguous enough to be frustrating, yes? Ah, whatever.


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