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Augh, I think this week is going to be crazy, so let's try again...

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Two days seems to be my record for the moment. I'll try again later. Thanks for putting up with my short bursts about this trip. Hopefully headed toward done soon.
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I think last I wrote here, we were prepping for Olive's surgery. You may have seen this on Facebook, but she made it through just fine. The doctor ended up pulling six of her worst teeth (some were broken, others were being reabsorbed somehow). She left a few that are questionable but not giving her any pain as far as we can tell, so she at least has some teeth left. They also cleaned what was left, so hopefully I can find a way to keep them that way. No idea how her mouth got so bad, but she is supposedly sixteen and came from a bad home before I adopted her. Also, they were able to remove the growth from her leg with no problems. I had the option of sending it for further testing to confirm what it was and see if they got it all, and it ended up being what they thought (a benign growth on one of her sweat glands). They also confirmed that it had been completely removed and wouldn't grow back. Phew!

Olive spent quite a bit of time readjusting to home life after she got out of surgery. She had to wear an e-collar to prevent her from getting at the stitches in her leg as well as eat soft foods so she wouldn't aggravate the dissolvable stitches in her mouth. She couldn't see very well with the e-collar on, so she ran into things a lot more easily and couldn't do a lot of her normal routine. It was also difficult to figure out what she liked and disliked in terms of food because she was used to eating dry food I left out all the time with the occasional treat of wet food, so I was pretty paranoid the whole time that she wasn't getting enough food because I had to pick up what she didn't eat of the wet food or it would dry out or smell all day. Whew. Trying to feed her more often as well as giving her pain meds the first few days are both things I'm glad I don't have to do on a regular basis anymore.

Her recheck was on Friday, and while she had an accident on the way to the office (which was sad and a bit mortifying for all involved), the doctor said she had healed remarkably well for her age. After taking out her stitches, the vet said she didn't need to see us for a long time. What a relief. While I was prepared for the worst, I wasn't really looking forward to losing another cat so soon, and I'm glad that we will have her around for hopefully another couple of years or longer, even if she's being picky as hell now.

It does make me miss Kiki, though. I feel like I didn't do right by her in many things, even though she gave us much more trouble. I wish she was still here with us anyway.

Other than that, I don't really feel like updating on anything else. I'm upset about the mass shooting in Orlando and me and... life in general, I guess. Mike's off on yet another run to Livermore to pick up food show supplies, and I don't feel like getting into it right now. Maybe I'll go to bed early for once and call it a day. It's been a long weekend, and there's hopefully plenty of time to get into things or feel better enough to not later. That's ambiguous enough to be frustrating, yes? Ah, whatever.
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I found out Olive's test results Wednesday. I just haven't gotten myself to write about them because I don't want to get too worked up about it.

Doctor called and said that the medicine Olive is on has reduced her thyroid levels back to normal, which is very good news. The only thing the vet said is she would have expected Olive to gain weight in that time, since hyperthyroid causes cats to lose crazy amounts of weight while the medicine is supposed to reverse that, and Olive basically just maintained her weight. (It went down like .1 of a pound.) Because she hadn't gained weight, the vet worried that something else could be wrong with her that hasn't been tested for yet, like cancer. However, her non-weight gain or loss could just mean she's one of those cats who stabilizes and stays that way. It's hard to know one way or another.

The doctor gave us three options at that point. We could wait a few weeks to see if she gains weight over the next few weeks to rule out other issues. We could do some ultrasounds and x-rays to determine if she has lymphoma, like Kiki had, or any other cancers. Lastly, since we had no other indications that she had other issues, we could proceed with the surgery she needs to fix her teeth, which the vet says are really painful for her, and to remove the benign mass on her leg, which is only going to get bigger.

I chose option number three, and when I ran it past Mike later, he agreed. The vet warned me that if Olive does have underlying cancer, the surgery could kill her, which is very worrisome, but the way I figure it, if it's Olive's time to go, she will go. Otherwise, this is a surgery that she needs, and it does us no favors to delay it just to make sure she doesn't have yet another illness that will take her anyway. At this point, I'd rather not know. I certainly hope she will make it through (and have a good feeling she will given her difficult life before she came to me), but you can never know. Any surgery has the potential for complications, and we're taking an extra roll of the dice because of her advanced age here.

I say all this because I get to drop her off for surgery before work tomorrow and will be on call all day about it, so I'm pretty nervous about how it will go.

Had a nice enough weekend otherwise. I got to either talk to or hang out with the majority of my immediate family (Mom and siblings), and otherwise I've been doing a lot of cleaning or hanging out or nothing of note. Both Mike and I are pretty tired, so that's about all. Woo, I lead an exciting life. Maybe I'll have more to relate another time.
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I took the day off today to take Olive to the vet. It really didn't take that long and I could've easily gone back to work, but at the time I requested it at work, I had no time off in sight and really wanted at least something to look forward to since we were still stuck in codification hell. This was before I asked for the time off to go to Vegas weekend before last, and I must say, it's a little weird to have a random Tuesday off.

Anyway, it's been a nice enough day. I slept in a little bit then got up to exercise to an older DVD I have that took 45 minutes of my day and kicked my ass. I had semi-planned on getting the bloodwork my doctor requested during my appointment last Monday, but I realized pretty quickly after that that I wasn't going to be able to continue fasting and be able to stay upright. I'll have to figure out another time to do that now. Yay, being an adult.

We took Olive to the vet after that, and she was really vocal on the way to the office. Otherwise, there's not much to report. She was there for a recheck on her bloodwork to see if the medication she's on has brought her thyroid under control enough for her to have surgery to remove the mass from her leg (which has grown a little bit but doesn't really concern the vet?) and to fix her teeth. We'll find out the results tomorrow. She hasn't lost weight, though, so hopefully it will work out.

After the appointment, Mike took me to breakfast (pupusas for the win) and then got ready to go because he has yet another food show to do, this time in Livermore woo. He's supposed to have a lot of customers there, though, so he should get a lot of followup business out of it (even though he's semi-drowning in followups from his last show). Hopefully it's not too painful, though.

Other than that, I took a long walk, messed around on the internet, and started a knitting project while watching too much TV, so not a very productive day. Hey, if you're going to ditch work for a vet appointment, might as well. I'll get to the bills tomorrow or something.

Some other recent happenings worth noting:
My brother got a new job! He's been very miserable at his current work since new management took over, and his last day there is this Friday. I found out he is going to do part-time work there to help with the transition while working 40 hours a week at the new gig, though, which I think is way too much given the way they've treated him. He's got to figure that out, though.

On a similar note, my younger sister has a few job interviews this week since her job with the university is not being renewed. Fingers crossed those go well. I wish I could say the same for my older sister, but that's neither here nor there.

We went to a show on Friday evening: Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science Tour
It was fun! He did three different segments: Food God (on what he would do if he were Food God, like banning children's menus for example), Pick Your Poison (where an unlucky volunteer from the audience got to test Alton's theory on the best cocktails being three ingredients and how to use science to improve the ensuing rum-brandy-pixie sticks cocktail that ensued from the random nature of choosing the ingredients slot machine style), and Popcorn (where another unlucky volunteer helped build a giant working model of popcorn that popped all over her as well as showed off his giant popcorn maker that makes 4 bushels of popcorn at once). He also sang several songs, pronounced Nevada wrong, and was very, very snarky. Haha. It was a good time. My brother also went to the show, so we saw him afterward. He was convinced the volunteers from the audience were plants, but I wasn't so sure, considering how hard Alton was on them. Also, Alton had some saltier jokes and more of an adult edge to him that was different from his "Good Eats" show though the show was overall kid friendly. Very funny.

My in-laws 50th anniversary is this September. Need to figure out what were doing for that. Hmm... It still kind of boggles my mind that they were married the day before my parents were (11 years before that too, but just an odd coincidence). Our anniversary is very close by too, but we had a little bit more say in that: September 7th is ours. September 9th is Mike's parents. September 10th is my parents. September is, of course, a popular month for weddings, but it's still kind of nuts. That's a long time to be married, too.

But uh, I guess I should try to wind down and get ready for bed.
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I had a dream a few nights ago that woke me from a very deep sleep. What is it about people who have been gone ten years or more? How do they pop back in every once in a while and set the whole town ablaze only to vanish again? I don't even know what you look like anymore. I am long over all this. I am over wanting to mumble apologies and have them misunderstood, igniting the pain all over again, but that's what I do in my dreams. I face it without actually doing anything. It's anxiety I neither want nor need. We were never good enough together anyway.

I am worried about the cat again. She's sneezing. It is getting harder to get her to take the steroids, which yes, I wouldn't want to take either if I were her, but come on. Her eating seems to have slowed, and she puked while eating a little while ago. I'm sure it's nothing, but I am frightened anyway. We shall see.

Mike is out of town again. He was in Livermore Sunday night through Tuesday night for his monthly meeting at his home office. Tomorrow he has a food presentation he was asked to help with in Sacramento, and he has to get up really early. He is in another chat window I have open, but I am not being very good company right now. I don't know why I can't just... be okay, I guess.

Work is okay. Frustrating in certain ways. Still waiting for the work that's going to push us over the edge in this codification project. Still not quite getting anything else done except in fits and waves whenever there's a panic. This has been going on for too long, but apparently it shows no signs of stopping. There has to be an end. We have other things we need to do in the interim before session work arrives again sometime in the fall. We have no control, though. I think too damn much. I need to let it go.

I'm not making any sense really, stringing together words for the sake of it. Sorry. I'm feeling kind of down, and this isn't really helping. I'll try again later. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Because in your heart, it's loud. Oh...


Feb. 16th, 2016 07:41 pm
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Not much to report. Been quite a while since I felt this sick to my stomach. It's been since Saturday night, so I'm not sure if it's food poisoning or just some sort of stomach bug since one of my workers was out with a stomach thing the beginning of last week. All I know is I'm nauseated, have no appetite, had several close calls even getting to the bathroom while getting dressed for work (ew, which is why I didn't go this morning) and doing stuff is hard. Also, note to self, Immodium AD needs to be put on the list of drugs that knock me out all day, which makes no damn sense except when you consider the weird sensitivity I have to certain drugs. Ugh.

Aside from that, I got to hang out with my favorite people this weekend. Had dinner with Aurora before I got sick, which was nice. The conversation did highlight how long it has been, though, so hopefully we can find time to get together again soon. Also, Mike and I shared Valentine's Day and the four-year anniversary of the day we actually met yesterday, and even though I was ill for it, he was a very good sport. We stayed home on Valentine's despite our plans to go for sushi, and it was still nice. Yesterday, we went to Tahoe in the morning for breakfast and a walk around where we shared our first kiss. I feel a little bad that I didn't get more done for him for our anniversary, but hopefully I can make it up to him soon too. Some years are like that, I guess.

Lastly, Kiki seems to be hanging in there well despite the step-down in steroid doses to once a day, so maybe she still has some time despite our decision not to have her undergo surgery. We shall see.

Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow. My stupid fitbit step average is getting killed by all this laying around. ;)
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Speaking of exes, I got this message on new year's eve: "With all the crap that's happened this year I want to say that I am sorry for the way that I treated you and acted around you. I was an insensitive asshole and it was a wonder that you were ever friends with me. That being said I want to thank you for all the years that we were friends and apologize for the years we were not because it was my fault! I hope you have a great 2016"

That would be from Thomas Warner, who I hadn't heard from since his grandmother, the only reason I knew him in the first place, died last April. Weird stuff. I didn't respond.

Not speaking of exes, we took Kiki to the vet yesterday because she's been sneezing for weeks now and getting it all over everything we own (plus we are still concerned and all, haha). The doctor gave Kiki another shot, her third since last August, as well as some information about a CT scan because she's still concerned she might have a nasal tumor and that would be the best way to figure out if she does, though they might take it and still not be able to see it. We're on the fence about it. On one hand, I'd like to know if she has cancer. On the other, it's an estimated $500-$1000 test, and every time they've given her this shot, she's gotten better for a while. Just hard to be on the roller coaster of not knowing, and since Kiki favors Mike, I'd hope he wouldn't have to go through the same deal he went through with his cat, Katie. Time will tell I guess. New to this appointment, they found she had a swollen lymph node in her leg that could be due to inflammation or cancer as well, so that's fun. This is not counting in Olive, who we haven't gotten a senior screen for but should because she's reabsorbing a tooth and should probably get dental work but they don't know if that would kill her in the process because of her age. Sigh.

And we're considering children at some point?!

This weekend has been pretty low-key otherwise. Usual chores and such. We also went to brunch today for an early celebration for my dad's birthday, which was nice, no drama, and tasty. Otherwise, my head is in a weird place, but at least I also have the day off tomorrow. Not much else to report now, I suppose.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Uh.... a big 10-4 there, good buddy. My room was filled with stuffed animals as a kid. Because my dad still lives in the house I grew up in, I think the closet still is. When I was really young, I thought they were alive and talked and did stuff when I was out of the room. I also took special pains to not make others jealous when I was spending a lot of time with a particular stuffed animal.

(Toy Story came out when I was 12, if you're curious. That movie's not the reason I felt that way, though I did identify with that movie a lot. Haha.)

I wouldn't say that I had an absolute favorite. Different times in my life, I was obsessed with different toys. For example, when I had hernia surgery in the second grade, I took my bear Nyla with me. (I remember the nurses put a mask on her and gave her "anesthesia" as well.) Another year for Easter I think, I got a white rabbit in a green velveteen suit that I loved. (I really enjoyed The Velveteen Rabbit as a kid, which is probably more accurately the place I got the idea that toys were real. I think I won the book in a contest at school or the library. That was probably around that time.) A different Christmas, my mom had seen me eyeing a bear that was a chimney sweep named Sooty Sam. (I like Mary Poppins, but I'm not sure why I was so obsessed with this bear in particular. I must have really annoyed them with my screeches about "Sooty Sam!" that year.) When I was a little older, my parents brought back a bear that was wearing a shirt collar and tie. I then became obsessed with finding him a wife. (Not sure why. I was never wedding crazy as a kid. I just didn't want my animals to be without friends and mates.)

And along with all this, there were too many cat stuffed animals to count, some of which I even sewed myself. I'm pretty sure there's a row of them still in the closet at my parents' home because I organized things like that. I could probably still tell you all their life stories. Weirdo.

Do I still enjoy them as an adult? Uh... I don't have a guest room filled with them or anything. I don't talk to Mike with my squishible mini t-rex and the other dinosaurs plus various other characters I own an annoying and unhealthy amount of the time. (Wait, I do. Oops.) Not to mention I bought him a police officer puppet named Cyrus who is a filthy, dirty cop on our honeymoon who likes to talk about drugs and whores and who has since had a barely legal (or illegal?) teen puppet in a cheerleading outfit named Megan join him. (Mike generally voices both of them, though he insists my voice for him is creepier.)

Ah, anyway, I probably have more animals than a self-respecting 32-year-old should have, but there you go.
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Today I got to give the, "The next two weeks are going to be brutal" speech, and I wasn't exaggerating in the slightest. We have deadlines the next two Mondays, where we basically have to put out the rest of the bills somehow (of which I'm estimating we haven't seen/processed half yet), and I lost all hope of having a weekend for the next couple of weeks on Sunday, when I worked over nine hours. Also, my boss said this might be the worst she's ever seen it, and she's worked there over ten years. WOOOO!

SO yeah, session. If you don't see me for a while (or if I'm very hard to contact), there you go. I already miss being at home with Mike and the cats, and I'm at home. Sigh.

Money, right? Vacation in Vermont. Time off in the future... Think good thoughts for me if you're into that kind of thing. Thanks.
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I see the Writer's Block involves vaccination. I rolled my eyes and didn't read the whole thing. My brother and Mike's nephew Alex are both on the autism scale, with my brother leaning more toward what was called Asperger's and Alex leaning more toward very high-functioning autism. I entirely doubt this has anything to do with the fact they were vaccinated, especially given the science that has discredited the initial study that suggested vaccination causes autism. I'm also very glad they both were vaccinated because they are some of the best people I know. They are who they are, autism spectrum or not, and they're also still alive. Autism isn't the enemy, and people shouldn't be scared of it. When it comes to diseases that have been already cured for many years, I'm always going to argue for the cure. I've tried to see the other side's point of view, and I just can't. I think it is dangerous and misinformed at best. If this makes me hypocritical about this particular issue, I don't care.

Last weekend was Valentine's day and our three-year anniversary of the day we met. (It seems both longer and shorter than that somehow.) Mike made dinner on Valentine's day, and we had lunch with my parents on our anniversary so we could spend the evening together as well. It was nice that we had the whole weekend off, even if I had to use some of it to do general maintenance, which is what happens when you don't have too many days off in a row-- stuff like get haircuts and clean house and try to recharge while also spend time with people you don't get to see otherwise. It's a bit hard to manage to be honest, but it works, I guess.

More on Valentine's day: Mike got me this dude (Steggy) because I'm weird and obsessed with dinosaurs lately. Also, heh, something sexy. I got him AIDS and a Jesse, also because I'm weird. (AIDS is forever!) Mike made Oysters Rockefeller and tried and failed to make pizza (frozen and thawed pizza dough is the devil), and I made raspberry claufoutis which turned out pretty tasty (even though Mike still cooks way more than I do).

More on the 15th: Mom is doing pretty well. Her grip is coming back, and since she doesn't have a cast and doesn't have to wear a sling, it's not readily apparent she broke her arm. We had a very nice lunch at Tahoe Ridge Winery (a local winery in Minden that is opening a branch very close to our house soon), and afterward, it was fun to do a little infused olive oil tasting (they have a lot of different olive and balsamic oils). Mike ended up getting basil oil and cinnamon pear balsamic for other cooking adventures. After running more errands, we had dinner and watched Punch Drunk Love because our TV was still broken.

Hmm, what else happened this week? Right, a technician came out and fixed the TV. From what Mike said, the screen and motherboard had to be replaced entirely, and when I came home on Tuesday, the screen stayed on for more than five minutes! Just subtract from that the fact that the colors still get inverted from time to time. Ugh. We're pretty sure that the HD cables are to blame now, but if we replace those and are still having problems, we're going to have a serious talk with Directv, mostly because this has been going on for far too long and we have a bit of a background noise addiction that has been highlighted in recent weeks.

However, we encountered a new problem Wednesday that needed a more immediate fix this weekend. I had noticed that our queen-sized bed, which I've had since I was about 14, has been very squeaky lately. The baseboard has been separating from the sideboard, and I've been pushing them back together in the hopes that they won't break.

You know where I'm going with this.

Mike hopped on the bed Wednesday night, and I noticed that the joint was separated more than usual. I made him get off the bed to check out the situation and see if I could strengthen it somehow, but Mike hopped on it again, and the screws gave and tore right out of the wood, banging that corner of the bed onto the floor. I panicked and called my mom, thinking she might have an idea on how to fix it but to no avail. It's done. We dismantled it, put the pieces in the guest room, and have been sleeping on the mattress on the floor since. We're going to try to find a way to donate the headboard and baseboard somewhere, but we have no way to make it work for us again.

That did give us a chance to upgrade to a king bed with a new mattress yesterday, though. ;) The actual buying of the bed and mattress process wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, but trying to find a comforter set proved to be much more complicated than I thought, maybe because I thought Mike wouldn't care at all but surprised me by giving me lots of input and searching several stores then the internet with me until we found what would work.

What's funny about that is he actually just ordered the set we're going to use as I was typing this, so that's a bit of a ridiculous two-day process over what's basically a blanket and pillows. It's pretty though.

Poor Mike. Sorry you've been stuck in domestic hell lately. We ought to be set up by next Saturday hopefully.

Other than that, Mike's in Livermore for the monthly sales meeting. I worked two hours today. This is mostly babbling without a point. The cat is snoring behind me, and my feet are freezing. So it goes.
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Things I've learned in the past year:

Breaking stuff can happen really quickly, even if you're healthy and have never broken anything like it before.

Stairs are terrifying.

Handicap services are totally helpful when you need them.

Muscle mass is easy to lose and much harder to get back.

You can lose joints in your foot via surgery just so you can walk sometime again.

I used to walk really fast.

People notice a lot more than I give them credit for.

It's possible to have an infection for a long time without realizing what it is.

You can breathe without feeling constantly congested. It just might take surgery.

Also, a carryover from last year: Don't blow your nose after you get your wisdom teeth out. You could cause yourself a rare problem that messes up half your year.

My mother and new family members are very supportive.

Marriage is different than I thought it would be. It's much harder but also more fulfilling in ways I didn't know existed.

I married a decent man.

I have forgotten what it's like to live alone. I'm okay with that.

Sometimes, even though it seems like a diagnosis fits, your cat is just a jerk.

Even if you've been through something multiple times, you can feel totally unprepared for what's ahead.

I thought I had more to say, but I'm going to leave it there. Happy 2015.
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I've been very bad at keeping up with this thing. Oh well. A little at a time, I guess. I've been in overdrive lately, besides still being exhausted and feeling like I still haven't quite caught up from special session two weeks ago.

What was nice about the week after session ended is I already had Tuesday and Wednesday off because I scheduled it months ago so I could get x-rays one day and see my foot doctor the next. That appointment went very well. He said that I was pretty much healed (besides my osteopenia, which should keep going away) and that I should continue to get better and better. Because my mom has been to all of these appointments, she was there to ask if physical therapy was necessary anymore. The doctor said if I felt I wasn't making progress, I could quit; so I called them later that day and cancelled the rest of my appointments. I've been pretty frustrated with it for a while, so even though I still have work to do, this is a good thing. I've been trying to keep up with the exercises I was doing there and walking a ton because of fitbit and the walking challenge, so I think I'll get there eventually even if my foot still hurts most of the time.

We also got some new furniture delivered, which I think has helped us out in terms of organizing our house, but that's definitely an ongoing project considering we're experiencing some storage issues recently. Oh well. I will figure that one out soon I hope.

This week, work has been fairly slow, which has been very strange. It feels weird to go from deadlines and craziness to little to nothing being important. It's a bit of whiplash, really. Still, I know it won't be long before we're in ridiculous mode again, so I'm okay with this for now. I need a little bit of time to prepare for the new hires (not sure when they'll come, but I get to train them, so goody), and there's plenty still to do that doesn't involve session. I just hope we get it all done before it gets crazy again. Yikes.

On Thursday, Mike's parents came into town. They started a road trip that will take them from their home in New Mexico through Vegas and Carson City, up through the Boise and Pocatello area, down to Salt Lake and then back home, all in a few weeks. On this leg, they stopped here for the weekend to stay with us, and I think it went pretty well. Mike made New Mexican lasagne for dinner on Thursday and showed them around Reno and Tahoe Friday because I had to work. Yesterday, my parents came up to have brunch with all of us at Adele's (which I'm happy to report they liked, since that's apparently very hard to do), and we found a jacket for Mike's dad because he forgot to pack one. Other than that, we kind of hung around, had El Pollo Loco for dinner, then played Trivial Pursuit. They left early this morning, and I believe I heard they've already made it to Idaho. Phew! Sounds a bit grueling, but they're making good time.

Otherwise, today has been pretty lazy. I walked this morning. Mike and I went grocery shopping for our short week here. I am in the midst of laundry. The floors got semi-vacuumed before I ran out of motivation. Mike had to go to Livermore this afternoon for his monthly sales meeting, but he'll be back tomorrow. Also, hey, it's sunny after a few days of rain, so that's pretty pleasant. I think we're mostly looking forward to our trip to Texas later in the week. We leave on Thursday and are staying with Mike's friend Vanessa and her family. We also get to see a lot of his college friends (we're going to a fifth anniversary party of one of his friends because he didn't get to go to the wedding) and do some touristy stuff since I've never been outside the airport in Texas. Should be fun. Hopefully all goes well.

The only thing I'm slightly concerned about is Kiki. Last night I noticed a sore spot on her left front leg where it looks like she has worn away her fur and started gnawing away at her skin. :( This happened once before after she had the abscess drained from her back, which makes me wonder if maybe she's having some health or anxiety problems since there have been more people in the house the last few days, but I don't know. I'm keeping an eye on it and will go to the vet if it gets any worse, but any other suggestions as to why might be helpful.

Anyway, I kind of want to go veg some more, so that's it for now. Hopefully I can keep this up a little better in the coming weeks. Given my track record, I have no idea how long that hope will last. Oh well. It is what it is.

EDIT: Somehow I forgot to mention that my older sister Katie visited last weekend so she could get a new car, and my brother ended up getting a new one too. Sheesh. Way too much is going on recently. Calm would be nice. Maybe in a few more weeks, haha.
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So I got to see Aurora and my younger siblings this weekend. Mike was invited to a golf tournament; but he's never played golf before; so he enlisted my brother to teach him. That sounded dull to watch, so I visited Aurora instead, where we caught up and watched her two-year-old drag toys into the room they'd just cleaned. Heh. She's having a little boy in November, so it'll be interesting to see how the dynamic changes. Not that I see her much to begin with, but I'm still excited for her.

She has this warning, though-- "Kids ruin your relationship." (Ah, but I already know we're not having kids any time soon if we can help it, so I can put off thinking about that. Like I will.) It was very nice to see her, though. Been too long.

After Mike and Mike finished golfing, which I heard went pretty well, we joined Siobhan for sushi, where the fish was good but the service was terrible. Both of my siblings are having similar work issues, where they're working more hours than they're supposed to. Siobhan at least likes her work at the children's museum. Michael makes it sound like they're trying to break him at the news station. He's been there a long time, though, and they've began merging with another station recently. So that kind of sucks.

We did a little shopping after that (because Mike won a work contest and had the option of either a gift card or a TV, so he wanted to see what he might be able to get if he accepted the gift card) then headed home.

Yesterday I dragged him all over town because I've had some ideas about organizing the upstairs rooms rattling around in my head for a while and finally couldn't stand putting it off anymore. I've wanted to put a rug in the landing between the bedrooms since I moved in, but I never got around to it because we don't tend to use that room for much to begin with and it's easy to forget about. We picked up a semi-cheap one at World Market, which looks pretty nice. I didn't think it would change the room as much as it did, really. I'm probably just not used to it yet. We also picked up a set of shelves for Mike's office because it's been hard for him to store all of his food broker stuff in there without just leaving it in a pile on the floor. We were also able to move the cat box out of there and into the landing on the new rug, so hopefully that will both create room in the office and get the cats to use that box (because the cats have THREE litter boxes in this house and only use ONE with regularity, ugh).

My last idea for that room right now involves some sort of comfy chair for Mike to sit in and work, since he works mostly out of the house and is pretty much relegated to his downstairs recliner for work, which is probably not always the best place. We looked at a local furniture store but didn't settle on anything. However, there are lots of options out there, and since Mike organized his broker stuff today, we have a lot more room to play with now.

Pretty social and productive overall.

Today I got my Fitbit in the mail. What's the Fitbit's story? Well, the governor has issued a challenge for state workers to walk 150,000 steps per month for September and October in honor of Nevada's 150th birthday. This sounds impressive, but it mostly means you need to average about 5,000 steps per day, which I'm pretty sure I get most days. I did, however, like the idea of getting a pedometer that automatically counts my steps, estimated calories burned, and distance walked as well as synchs to a computer and makes graphs and stuff with that information. Oh, and getting the fancy-pants pedometer for half off was a definite incentive. Pretty sweet. I can already see myself getting obsessive with it, probably because I can manually imput my weight, other physical activities, and food intake, but we'll see how it goes. I'm still going to lose all my free time in a few months time, but hey, sweet pedometer is pedometer. Plus if I meet the challenge, I get some sort of certificate, so that's kind of cool. (There are to-be-determined prizes for the top walkers that are Nevada-themed. Amusing, but I'm not going to pull out my competitive spirit for that, especially since every step I take is still pretty painful. The current goal is pretty doable, though. Maybe I can get a little more depending on how things go.)

I have two more days of work this week. We've been working on a big project, but it has tapered off for now. I was able to get some more of my backlog of backburner work done, which is good. I'm taking a few days off and going to Livermore with Mike for his monthly sales meeting. Well, I'm not going because of the sales meeting. More he's already going and I'm commandeering his trip to go see my aunts and sister before I'm unable to (which is what I wanted to do last month before it fell through). We're going to stay at my aunts' place on Friday evening, hang out with them Saturday, drive up to Katie's place to stay with them Saturday night, then head to Livermore sometime Sunday. Not sure what I'm going to do while Mike is in his sales meeting, but we'll figure it out.

Anyway, I think that about brings us up to date. I ought to go do something more productive with my time, but whatever. At least there's not a lot left to this week.
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+Walked almost 40 minutes this morning, which is close to the pace I used to have, because my physical therapist suggested I start trying to take longer strides again.
-Got pretty sunburned in the process.
+Ate delicious food at Villa Basque Deli and Cafe, which doesn't have a proper website but has been up and running for 30 years. Pretty good odds for repeat visits, I'd say.
+Got a steam mop for cleaning the hardwood floors, which was a little spendy but totally a delight to work with. I cleaned the floors in about the time it took to wash a load of clothes, which is a vast improvement considering how much I hate mopping. Would do again.
-The cat food we buy in bulk (specifically, their indoor, advanced age and hairball treatment food that they love) was only being sold in a small bag at the pet store. Mike had to find a way to order some online. First world problems.
+Didn't spend too much on groceries because we were full and didn't have a lot on our list. This might backfire later in the week when we don't know what to have for dinner, but it was nice to save a little money.
+/-It rained. (Plus because it's good for our drought. Minus because it's making all my joints scream.)
-I managed to trip on my computer cord and fall pretty hard on my knees and somehow scrape up the toes on my good foot at the same time. That sucked. Hopefully it won't be too bad tomorrow.
+Mike made sausage and grits for dinner. He's feeling a little better after his endoscopy procedure on Thursday, and it looks promising that he doesn't have Celiac's Disease, though his stomach is inflamed, the doctor took a polyp from the bottom of his esophagus and he might have ulcers. Still waiting for the results on that, but he seems okay if not sore.
+Mike also got a different C-PAP machine which seems to be working better for him and not waking me up as much. So far, so good.
-The ceiling fan in our master bedroom is semi-broken and only works when it wants to right now, which is unfortunate because we can't simultaneously leave the sliding door open at night (which would help with the heat in the room) and set the alarm (which helps calm my anxiety concerning other people). Boo.
-My sister's dog (who I looked after for two years and was a little over eleven years old) died a few days ago from a heart condition. :(
+The laundry just dinged, so that means I can go to bed soon.

And I still haven't updated about our recent vacation to Cedar City, but hopefully I'll get motivated to do so before too many other things happen and I forget. There are at least some nice pictures up on facebook. Shrug.
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Let's see.

I shaved 8 minutes off my mile walk time since last week. Not too shabby.
(45 minutes two weeks ago. 40 minutes one week ago. 32 minutes this morning.)

I sat with the kitties for a while this morning, which doesn't happen too often for too long.

I also lifted weights and did my physical therapy exercises.
(Damn, I've gotten weak. It's almost like I used to work with weights twice a week then stopped doing it for three months because I couldn't use my arms. Weird.)

I started laundry because that's a given Saturday task.
(Still incomplete right now.)

I went through the clothes in my closet, chest of drawers and storage containers, and I managed to put together four garbage bags full of clothes to give to charity.
(Good lord. Why do I have so many clothes? Oh right, I'm a friggin' yuppie.)

Mike and I cleaned out the meat and cheese drawer in the fridge then went grocery shopping even though we didn't need a lot.
(Managed to spend more than we do when we actually need stuff. Mike laughed and said it's always that way.)

I haven't been on the internet since about 3:00 yesterday, which is odd.
(After work and therapy, we ate at IHOP because Mike's so carb-starved, he's now craving pancakes, which he doesn't really like normally. We also watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure on a VHS tape Mike brought when he moved because I still have a TV with a VHS player in it in the bedroom. Haha, good times.)

Now Mike's making a low-carb casserole, partially because I wondered if it was possible to have such a thing since the binders in casseroles are usually pretty starchy. He found a recipe that seems promising, though--sausage, cauliflower, mushroom, chicken casserole with cheese. Sounds tasty anyway.

The dryer is beeping upstairs, so that's probably about enough of that.

EDIT: Oh, and I bought this guy last week, and it's one of my new favorite things. No foolin'.
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So last night, I had a dream I had a baby, only I was the dad. I was holding my new baby, and while his mother was getting ready for church (which we were late for), I not only couldn't find anything to change his diaper, I also couldn't convince her that we needed a car seat to take the baby in the car. Somehow, I was the stereotypical, clueless dad, and I was fairly sure our kid was going to get damaged somehow.

I also dreamed I was in a shopping mall. While there, I heard an advertisement about "jelly clips" and how they help teenagers' social lives. A teenaged girl happened to be walking by, and she was fretting over what to do about prom. I steered her toward the clips in this store, and when she thanked me, I told her not to because all I had done was listen to an ad.

After that, I went toward the bathrooms, and a woman with her young child approached me and talked about how she needed to feed her child. I was friends with this woman in the dream, and when we went in the bathroom, there was a cat there that was a combination of Olive and Squeaky who I called Kiki (thereby making a mix of all three major cats I've had in my life) hanging out on the changing table who hissed at us. I went in another room and somehow ended up in space, where actual Kiki was sleeping on top of the world, and a narrator said something like, "And that's how Kiki gets her reward."

Whatever. This is the same cat who in real life likes to shit on the rug to get attention though her litter box is cleaned very regularly. Ugh.

We got to go to my friend Aurora's kid's second birthday party today. It was pretty fun, different from last year because I think Ayla was a bit more aware of what was happening. Very cute. She is so big, it's ridiculous. Hard to believe that she was born not too long after Mike and I met, and Mike and I went to her first birthday party last year. Sheesh.

Since it is Aries birthday season, we also went to sushi afterward to celebrate Mike's birthday early. We had originally planned on going up to Tahoe tomorrow to a different sushi place, but Mike decided he wanted a day to just veg at home this weekend, which suits me just fine. I'd do anything he wants, but I admit I'm glad to have a day a little closer to home, especially with my foot not being 100% yet. He's a good husband. His actual birthday is on Tuesday, which is a bit of a bummer, but it'll be fun nonetheless (hopefully).

Yaaaaaawn. Okay, well, that's about where we're at right now. More later.
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I've been having very complicated dreams where I only remember creepy details when I wake up.

Night before last, a dude was looking through my purse and said, "Do you wear perfume? This smells amazing."

Last night, I was playing with a cat who was supposed to be Olive (but it was the wrong color and had long hair like my first cat Squeaky), and when I went to mess with her paw, I pulled her whole leg off. I was really upset about it, but my dad put her in a cage and said we'd take her to the doctor next week. Then he talked about how terrible marriage is.


I went to the eye doctor today, and though I didn't get new glasses (I guess my eyesight hasn't changed too far), he did convince me to get prescription sunglasses. I don't know why, but when I was a kid, I always thought having prescription sunglasses was something entirely uncool adults get. (This doesn't actually make sense because my aunt has them, and she's pretty cool. She was always leaving them at our house, though, and maybe I subconsciously really didn't want to lose something that cost so much.) What's weird is I'm kind of excited about getting them anyway. They're going to be a big help when I'm outside all the time again... hopefully when that happens. Later this year maybe?

Looking at you, club foot.

Mike and I went to Del Taco for dinner, Mike in his lay around the house clothes and me in a professional outfit because the finance committee was meeting in the building today. Mike remarked that everyone probably thought he was unemployed and beat me when I got home. Haha, we're not funny. We both enjoyed the food, but the pop music playing in the background was pretty insufferable. (Especially Taylor Swift singing about how it felt like she was 22. You couldn't pay me to be 22 again. Good god, that's when I made my BEST LIFE DECISIONS.) Having this discussion made me feel old, and I agreed with Mike that we should leave before One Direction's you-don't-know-you're-beautiful-that's-why-I-can-rape-you song ended and we were subjected to something else. Mike also remarked that the music was probably meant to get people out as fast as possible. But hey, you know, I'm an optimist.

I'm guessing it won't surprise you that I'm tired. Walking is tremendously difficult, with my ankle and heel screaming at me whenever I step on my left foot, but I have one more day behind me. Hopefully that means I'm getting better. I'll find out more when I go to physical therapy on Monday (since my mom helped me find a place that will get me in then rather than two weeks from now, score). Maybe I'm weird, but I'm actually kind of looking forward to that too. It'll be nice to get moving again. I say that now, though I keep hearing about how painful everything is going to be. Oh well. We'll see how it goes.
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Last time I left off, I had to go in to work at 10:00 on Saturday, which I did. Well, around 1:45, I heard the unit boss go into my boss's office with the typist's boss to talk about something. I usually can't hear much when they close the door, but after a few minutes, my boss exclaimed, "Monday?!" Heh, I never thought I'd be so happy to hear that word. All three came out and told us we'd be leaving at 2:00 and weren't expected back until 7:30 on Monday. (The legal counsel also said to be prepared for a really long week, to which the unit boss said, "What did we just have?")


I drove out to visit my mom at the yarn shop and ended up with a book with new patterns in it (for later when I'm finally ready to start something else) and a few new pouches for other projects. It was nice to see someone I didn't work with and to get out of town for a little bit. I also went to the grocery store for some essentials. I was getting pretty worried I wouldn't have time before the end of session to pick up some more vegetables*, lunch meat and makeup remover (because these three things are kind of important around here), but it turned out okay. I know I won't get tomorrow off, but that's fine with me too. It just means that all the hours I work tomorrow will count as overtime, so that's pretty nice. It's supposed to be pretty bad, too, so uh, I'm not looking forward to it but am still pretty happy I didn't have to work today.

(*I was really mad when I discovered last week that the carrots I bought to last me through the end of session were slimy and rotten. So gross. I don't like carrots much to begin with, but I think I'm off of carrots for a while, even if they are convenient.)

Today, I slept in, cleaned up cat shit (because Kiki likes to make my life worse by shitting on the rug even though there are usually at least two completely clean litter boxes around here), made pancakes with butter and raspberry jam, washed the dishes, vacuumed the floor (including the ant infestation I didn't know about until today, ugh), took a shower, semi-balanced my checkbook (which I don't do often if at all because I'm not very good at it. I usually just look online to make sure everything looks okay), and talked to Mike a few times. I had leftovers for dinner and haven't been doing much otherwise.

It's been a pretty decent day. I'm mostly sitting here bemoaning the fact that I don't have much to write about intellectually, even if I have been having very interesting and occasionally philosophical conversations lately. Oh well. I guess I'll get back there eventually. Maybe when I'm not reading bills sixteen hours a day. Hmph. Yeah, that probably has something to do with it.

Two Things

May. 19th, 2013 10:28 pm
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I don't just sit around and cry all the time. Don't worry.

I had a dream last night that Mike and I were hanging out in an apartment. We weren't doing very much other than sitting on a couch, and I was looking around at the decorations, which included lots of empty dark green jars with silver accents. The phone behind us rang, and when Mike answered, I could hear his family talking on the other end. He put them on speaker phone, and when they asked what we were doing, I made my voice all gravely and pretended to be someone named Richard. This just confused everyone, and his niece asked why I would do something like that.

Uh... yeah, I don't know either.

Also, on Thursday, I was in a really bad mood when I got home. I had stayed late at work, and when I walked in the door, I was greeted by shit on the rug, courtesy of Kiki (who does this way too often because the three litter boxes I have aren't to her liking). I also had to put out the recycling and trash before I could go to bed, so I rushed to get everything out, which involved breaking down boxes I'd been too lazy to do earlier in the week and cleaning out the fridge a little bit before making multiple trips to the curb, all while being really angry. When I was done, I went upstairs to change clothes and found I had lost one of my earrings in the process, which made me even more upset because it was a pair I hadn't worn too much yet. I chalked it up to karma getting me back for not being patient. I looked around where I'd been in my mad rush to clean everything up but couldn't find it in the dark, so I tucked the other earring away and told myself to let it go since it was probably long gone at that point and could have fallen anywhere between work and the million other things I'd done once I got home. I shouldn't be too attached to these things anyway. I know this. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, yesterday when I was much calmer and on my way out the door, I stepped on something in the kitchen, and guess what? I looked down, and there was my earring. I guess someone out there still likes me.
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Me: Kiki! Bossing is hard!
Kiki: *Stares*
Me: I don't know how you do it!
Kiki: *Licks shoulder*
Me: Are you Tony Danza?
Kiki: *Tilts head*
Me: Hold me closer, Tony Danza?
Kiki: *Leaves room*
Me: What, is that not your jam?

Uh... anyway.


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