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Questions from the always excellent tabular-rasa. Comment with your favorite color if you'd like some questions.

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So... While I'm waiting around and watching tv, here are the answers to seven questions tabular_rasa asked me. If you like, comment and I'll ask you seven questions. Otherwise, yeah, just read what I wrote. Haha.

How do you keep track of things you need to get done? (Like a planner, electronic planner, calendar, in your head, etc). Are you usually good at keeping track?
I make a lot of lists and am forever planning things. Most of this happens in my head first, where it usually stays unless I have a lot to accomplish and can't remember all of it. If it's overly complicated or has too many steps to juggle in my head, I have to have something tactile right in front of me to remind me of what I need to do so I can tick off the things I've completed. What's funny is I haven't really been able to make personal planners work for me, though. I try using a calendar (my real estate agent even sent me one of those handy pocket ones this year), but I forget to check it. I think I have to physically sit down and write plans that aren't too far in advance or I'll either get really obsessive over minor details or forget them altogether. Odd. I think I'm pretty good at it, but my system is far from perfect. There are still days I'll annoy myself if I forget to do things.

Provided they do not encounter an unusual amount of dirt or have something spilled on them, generally how many times do you wear a pair of pants before washing them? What's your record?
Hmm... This depends on whether we're talking my work pants or my casual pants. I don't generally get too dirty at work, so I don't mind wearing them more than once. I'll usually wear them two or three times before I wash them, and that's because I have several pairs I can switch out before I hit the two week mark. I don't like to go more than two weeks between washing those. The longest I went without washing those pants was maybe three weeks when I was waiting for my washer and dryer to be delivered when I first moved in here.

Actually, now that I think about it, it isn't all that different with my casual pants because I don't have many reasons to wear them these days. Those usually only get one or two wearings before I'm doing laundry again. It seems silly to me to not wash something if I'm already doing laundry. I think my record for the longest without washing a pair of jeans is around the same, but that's because I was being lazy.

Have you ever gotten food poisoning? Describe.
Oh, this might be gross. Sorry! My stomach runs the gamut from being made of steel (I've eaten hot dogs weeks past their expiration date and other unmentionable food and not had a problem) to being stupid and weak at the dumbest things (usually something harmless I can't even remember eating). When I've had food poisoning, usually everything just heads south (if you want the less graphic description, haha). I very rarely vomit from food poisoning. That's normally something that happens if I consume too much alcohol. However, I must say I think one of the worst hangovers I've ever had was coupled with food poisoning. Have you ever had half-digested pineapple juice make a hasty exit and burn your throat on the way up? Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it.

What are the best and worst parts about living in Nevada? (Since if I can ever submit the damn application, I might end up living there for a time!).
That application sounds like it sucks! Anyway, hmm...

Best! I like a lot about Nevada, actually. The south is different (in fact, I've still never made it down to Vegas), but the landscape up here in the north is pretty cool. I really like being surrounded by mountains, which are usually very pretty and covered in a thin layer of snow most of the time. While I've visited and liked other places, I almost always end up missing the mountains. Actually, the way the horizon ends in places that are flat really creeps me out for some reason.

I also really like the way the rain smells in the desert. Sagebrush can be a pain in the ass up here (especially during allergy season), but it smells amazing right after it rains, especially since it rains so seldomly around here.

Worst! This state is so damned small. Seriously. I can't go anywhere without running into someone who either knows me or my family or knows someone I know, and it's not always for a good reason. I don't mind it most of the time, but it gets annoying.

What is something you've never done but people generally assume you have?
Correct other people's grammar in conversation. I correct myself a lot (mostly because I'm a weird perfectionist and sometimes I say things differently than I'd like), but I don't like correcting other people. This assumption has been rampant since I started studying English, and it only gets worse if people find out I'm a proofreader. The only time I'll say something is if I need clarification or didn't understand you.

Truthfully, it bothers me when all people care about is correcting other people's language. My dad, who writes dictionaries and is a language nerd in general, does it all the time, and I don't think it's useful. It annoys me even more when people try to dissect my language, mostly because I think if you understood what I was saying, the communication was successful. I believe getting your message across is the point, not how correctly you say it.

Look, I know the rules. I just don't care that much. Don't try to out-language me.

Who was the worst teacher you ever had, and what made them so terrible?
While I might have had some terrible teachers in college, I think my fourth grade teacher still stands head and shoulders above the rest. Ms. Weaver was a chain-smoking broad in maybe her seventies. Well, I don't know how old she was, but she seemed ancient to me. Haha. I think she remembered teaching the parents of some of the kids in my class, which wasn't unusual given our rural community actually. What made her so bad was she had no control over our class (even though there were maybe 15-16 kids in there), and she sent some of my classmates to the principal's office every day. I don't remember learning anything, just how stressful the whole year was and the time a classmate climbed onto the roof of the school to avoid going to the office for the day. Ugh.

Type out or provide a link to a favorite recipe!
Cheesy baked pasta with spinach and artichokes!

I totally got this out of a magazine a few years ago. It's really easy to put together and always delicious!
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Hm. Here are a few memorable New Years Eve celebrations from years past.

2000: I remember staying up late with my best friend at the time. We watched Carson Daly's take on New Years on MTV, if I remember right. (And now he does the mainstream show? Odd.) Y2K was a big deal. Like a lot of people, I think we mostly stayed up to see if any weird stuff would happen-- planes falling out of the sky and electronics suddenly malfunctioning and whatever else had been predicted in the mass media hysteria. Of course nothing did, and beyond saying happy new year, that was pretty much it. (I think the process repeated the next year only without the Y2K fears, and it was somehow supposed to be more important because I was graduating that year. It just ended up being boring. Meh.)

Sophomore year of college: I was living in my first apartment with Aurora and our tweaker roommates. (I guess I shouldn't call them that, but damn it, I really disliked them and their stupid druggie friends.) My mom came to town with lobsters they gave her at the casino, and we hung out with her for a little while before venturing downtown to watch fireworks. We pre-gamed with alcohol we somehow had on hand, but I don't think either of us felt it all that much given the cold and the usual vast crowd of characters that gather downtown for such events. (Could be wrong. I was 20, and hangovers weren't near as bad in those days.) We stood under the Reno Arch (or maybe Circus Circus, can't recall which downtown excursion that was), which was kind of cool, but the fireworks were kind of boring; people were generally drunk and rude; and we came home to one of our roommate's friends puking in our common area. We thought it was the worst thing ever. For a while after that, when something bad happened, Aurora and I would just shrug at each other and say, "Well, there's always next year."

Senior year of college: My aunts were in town. I went up to my sister's house to be with the family (though I don't think my dad was there), and I was irritated that I couldn't drink that much in front of them. I kept sneaking into the garage to shotgun shitty beer with my older sister and wandering back in to see if anyone noticed. Pretty lame thing to get mad about in retrospect. I just really wanted to be bombed for some reason.

Somewhere between then and now: It was snowing. There was bargain wine and a hot tub. Neither of us was sure of the time, and fireworks just went off above Reno with magic to spare.

Last year: I was exhausted from just starting to work overtime at my new job and commuting 40 minutes each way every day. My mom came into town to visit my younger sister and I, and my brother came over with champagne. He was really anxious about opening that champagne. "Can I open it now? Should I open it now? What do you think?" Drove me crazy. Finally at 4 minutes to midnight, he couldn't take it any more and popped it open. We almost missed the fireworks because he had trouble, but we toasted anyway. Then, with everyone being tired, we all shuffled off to bed an hour later.

This year: Well, I said I wasn't going to do anything today, but I ended up taking a walk, cleaning parts of my house, putting away various Christmas presents, doing laundry (because you have to do laundry to have clean sheet day!), and taking down the Christmas tree. Now I'm exhausted, and it's not even 9:00 yet. I was thinking about trying to see if there was anything going on in Carson City, but given how small the town is, I doubt anything is happening (though I was surprised by the fireworks on the 4th of July earlier this year). I just wasn't in the mood to go up to Reno and... what, fight the drunkards downtown? Watch fireworks from my younger sister's balcony and drive her crazy? Go to my brother's block party and watch him drink with his friends who make fun of him if he attempts to drink water even though he assured me he "doesn't want to get too drunk"? Yeah, pass. I'll probably watch fireworks on TV and go to bed after that unless my insomnia kicks in. I feel like I should want to do something, but I have no desire or motivation. Oh well. I'm just uber-lame this year, I guess. Par for the course, really.

Anyway, that was a nice little cross-section of New Years Eves. I don't give much credence to this holiday and never really have (though a few years ago when I made resolutions, I actually did very well with them, which surprised me). It is interesting to watch the year tick by, I suppose, but ultimately, these little signposts don't mark that much for me. It's the beginning of the calendar year. Not a heck of a lot more. Hopefully this year isn't rough, though. I have somewhat illogical superstitions about even years, but that's an entirely different story.

Barring any strange happenings, I'll see you in 2012. Hope you have a great one. <3
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My brother just called to tell me he was cleaning out his office and found a copy of my valedictorian speech from ten and a half years ago. He told me he wanted to frame it. Damn. I don't think I really deserve that, but what a nice thing to say.

I mean, I did pretty much stick it to the man in that speech. Well, as much as a 17-year-old can (especially in a small town), but I'm kind of floored right now. I guess I ought to track down my copy and see what I said. I haven't thought about that in a long time.

Productive weekend despite my self-described laziness-- finished knitting both presents (just need to assemble them and send them off), lifted one day and walked the other, am completely done with Christmas shopping, got the grocery shopping done for the week, got a haircut, cleaned the floors (still need to run the dishwasher, ffff), and baked off some cookies for the office Christmas party tomorrow (which I don't really want to go to because there will be a million people there, but everyone else is going, yeesh). Just need to wrap presents for everyone at work (because I know I'm going to get irritated with it halfway through and say screw it to the presents for family and friends until last minute). Ugh, I'm terrible at wrapping, and my hands are tore up to shit. It's almost as if I use them for everything... Oh, right.

Anyway, ought to go do that before it's time to go to bed and sleep badly because it's Sunday. Never fails.
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It was my first semester at UNR, and I lived on the seventh floor of the "New Hall" dorm on campus (now called Argenta Hall). I was eighteen years old, a freshman just embarking on my degree. I remember people running through the hallway yelling early in the morning. I attributed this to fellow dorm-dwellers being jerks and wouldn't realize until later what the significance was. I was more annoyed because I had a 10:00 class and didn't really appreciate being woken up at five or six in the morning. I did my best to go back to sleep then gave up when my alarm went off. I showered and got ready for my Spanish class.

As I passed by the front desk downstairs, the desk-person seemed transfixed by the television. I glanced at it and saw buildings on fire and a plane flying into a building. I thought it was a little strange that there was a movie on so early in the morning but continued on my way.

Once I got to class, ten or fifteen minutes early as usual, I took my usual seat and waited for others to trickle in and class to start. Then as now, I tended to listen rather than strike up conversation with people around me, though I noticed the mood was rather subdued and something seemed off. Some classmates mumbled about how five or eight planes were down and there were snipers on the White House roof and the pentagon. I didn't understand.

My teacher, a short and slim Mexican woman, came in a few minutes late. Her usually stern demeanor seemed shaken by fear, and she appeared barely able to stand in front of the class much less tell us a brief version of what happened and that class was cancelled. It hit me this was no movie.

As I walked back to the dorms, I fought tears as I called my parents, who were staying in a hotel because it was their anniversary the night before. At that point, I had only been away from home a little over a month, and I had never felt so far away from my family as I did at that moment. My mom seemed annoyed that everyone was making a big deal about something no one could do anything about, but I still had to hear her voice and make sure things were okay. Before then, I could never really remember when their anniversary was, but I haven't forgotten since.

I don't recall what I did the rest of that day. Really, the week after that seems to blend in my mind-- hearing about airport closures, watching the repeated footage on TV, trying to figure out who did this and why and how the government was going to handle it, cutting out a flag from the newspaper and taping it up on the wall (then getting mad at the ridiculous hysteria of mass-patriotism and nationalism that gripped the country), returning to class and how each professor tried to find a way to address it, writing poetry, reading endless amounts of articles, wondering if it was okay to laugh and what to do when so many people were dead and/or hurt.

As with everything else, a lot has happened and changed in the last ten years, but that's what I experienced that day. I find myself not really wanting to ruminate further on this subject for some reason, probably because I don't want to feel more sad about it than is warranted given where I was, so this is where I will leave you. Highest regards for those still fighting in the multiple wars started since then, and deepest sympathies for those who have suffered.

Of course I remember. How could I forget?


Apr. 8th, 2011 09:06 pm
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A poem and a story--

"A Dream Deferred"
By Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?


Long before I decided to study writing or thought of it as a viable field, I took a long-distance community college class in English as a senior in high school. The lady teaching the class was kind of weird, as most English teachers are. I remember her having really long red hair to match the long skirts she wore mostly, not much else. I don't think I ever saw her outside the context of a television screen. But she had us read poetry, and one day she mentioned that poems can be read in different ways. I had never thought of this before and didn't really know what she meant until she read this poem to us twice-- once where she whispered the ending, and once where she screamed,


I have never, ever forgotten that.
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I never updated on my grandma's situation, did I? Sorry. She's doing really well. I just talked to her, and she's sounds better than she has in years. I'm pretty happy for her.

Also, it's my sister's birthday! Happy birthday, Katie!

My birthday is Monday. Boo, hiss! Oh well. Going to sushi will make up for it, especially considering my dad is grossed out by raw fish (as is the Irish way).

And school is over Thursday! Full week ahead, which partially involves writing a will. Yay.

Anyway, I hope you're having a wonderful Friday.
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I found this link while researching for my probate class.

Find your state (if you're in the U.S.) and bone up on what they do with your stuff after you die.

I'm helpful with stuff no one wants to think about! Hahaha.
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I've been slacking on these a bit, but here's my criminal procedure post from two weeks ago. It's not as well written as I would have liked, but I got it done. I don't know if anyone even reads these any more. It's cool.

Clearly, ID procedures have positive and negative aspects about them. Please advise on what solutions can be implemented so that they can become more reliable.  Utilize your knowledge, but also don't be afraid to be creative.

My answer. )
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Since I'm working on a new discussion post due tomorrow, here's the one from two weeks ago--

Do the Supreme Ct. ruling(s) on school searches a privacy apply to University Students. They are considered adults. Does the caselaw logically apply?  Why or why not?

My Answer )
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I actually should have posted this earlier on the discussion board because I disagreed with the majority on this question, and that doesn't happen too often. Would have been interesting to see how my fellow classmates responded. Perhaps you can fill that void? ;)

Should the police be allowed to stop citizens on the streets in order to ask them questions?  Why or why not?  Please discuss.

My Answer )

I was just assigned another question, too. I'll post my answer when I get to it.


Mar. 9th, 2009 11:04 am
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Rorschach, get down from there!

OK, I've got to go do a counter-claim and cross-claim and brief and maybe try to exercise and shower before five, so away I go!

EDIT: I'm taking a brief break and saw this-- Oh, haha. Very funny, MSN.
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I wasn't lying when I said I had more. Haha.

Discuss why or why not allow the govt. to use any and all high tech means to discovery and eliminate crime BEFORE it happens.

My Answer )

EDIT: Oh, and the phrasing of the question confused me too. Don't worry!
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I got three yes votes to posting about criminal issues, so on we go:

We want to be safe by allowing our government and police do their job, however, where do we draw the line in order to keep the freedoms we enjoy in our country.  Please discuss.

My Answer )

I have more of these. I'll post them over the next few days.
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Would any of you be interested in reading/debating the responses I've been doing for my online criminal procedure class? Every other week, I've been writing mini-essays about various topics, and they don't all apply to courts and criminals. These are issues that affect all U.S. citizens, as we've been talking mostly about constitutional rights and how the courts apply them to fact patterns and ordinary life as well as criminal situations.

They are very interesting problems, and I'd like to see what other people think about them. So... yes or no?
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I don't know if anybody likes webcomics as much as I do, but this site is pretty awesome: Is it funny today?

It lets you vote on a comic's hilarity and gives you a top 20 list of funny comics! Awesome!

(Whew! Almost half-way done with school. Research project is ten pages long single-spaced! Crazy, but at least it's pretty much finished. Done for the semester on Thursday! Now if only I could get someone to call me back about registration problems, I'd be set.)
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All you people, can't you see, can't you see...

that this song is stuck in my head?

My internal jukebox is kind of messed up sometimes. Anyway, my medical terminology quizzes are finished for the week. Now I'm trying to decide between getting a head start on/finishing the research I have to do for case analysis and legal research, taking a walk, going grocery shopping, sitting here idly on the internet doing various tasks, doing laundry, or playing a game of some sort. I have to decide soon, though, because my older sister called me and might be arriving earlier tonight than she expected (midnight as opposed to 3:00 in the morning). Once she gets here, I know I won't have any time for anything else, excepting perhaps a break tomorrow and pieces of Friday after she heads back home. Hmm...

Productivity or solitary fun/rejuvination? We'll see.

OH, reminder: Call college and ask why you still can't register for next semester. It's a little important, see?
And to anyone who's curious, previous issue has been set aside. It will crop up again in the near future, but I don't have time for it right now. Just got to keep pushing until I get to a place where I can deal with it.
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Feeling a little more positive today, so here's a post without the gloom and doom.

-Finished my last practice set (23 pages!) and got a good start on my final project in research. Project is worth 50% of my grade and making me nervous, but I had a productive time at the law library this evening.
-The trip to the law library was my only class scheduled this week, and it was optional. Now all I have to do is finish my medical terminology quizzes for the week and I'll have fulfilled my educational obligations through Friday.
-Need to finish my research concerning divorce for case analysis so the group project meeting on Saturday will go well. Not looking forward to the meeting and I hate group projects, but it should be OK.
-Been trying to move Kiki's food out of reach at night in an attempt to curb Olive's overeating and Kiki's puking. It seems to be working except for the fact that Kiki still eats way too fast and decided it was a good idea to puke on the rug anyway after I gave her food this morning.
-My older sister is coming into town for my younger sister's birthday and Thanksgiving. Should be fun despite the full house.
-Forgot to mention I shared a candy bar with Austin this afternoon after finding half a Reese's still in my car. Oh, sugar rush.
-I am also expecting a package soon, and according to USPS tracking, it's left Springfield, MA!

There's a lot left to do, and I should be doing it now. Just wanted to try to start over, even if I've done so several times before.
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My horoscope says this today:
Today's Leo Horoscope
Nov 17, 2008

It is time for you to refill the well of your soul, dear Leo. So much of your life is spent in service to others that it is only natural that you will feel drained from time to time. Rather than trying to push past this feeling and going on as though nothing were the matter, you might instead consider it a sign that something is amiss in your life. If you are feeling unappreciated, admit it. You have spent too much of your life putting others' happiness before your own. It is time to change your priorities.

Meanwhile, I have a huge practice set due in a week that I've made little headway on. I can't find the motivation to work on it today, and there's lots of stuff due this week. (Two briefs, several missed chapters to read, a new assignment in class today, a group presentation coming up, an interview, medical terminology quizzes, stuff I've forgotten surely...)

I hardly have any viable food in the house that isn't scrounged from the freezer. I can't even make macaroni and cheese because I keep forgetting to buy milk. If it weren't for Austin making fish last night and my mom bringing me a sandwich from Carson this afternoon, I don't know what I would have eaten. Ramen with corn in it perhaps? A bag full of cereal? Leftover Halloween candy? Ah, who am I kidding? Go grocery shopping, damn it!

Augh. Do I really have to fight with you, horoscope? I don't have time to waste, yet here I am, wasting it. Maybe I'll try finishing my medical terminology homework early so I have time to work on this later. That could work... Or maybe I'll just spend the next few hours job hunting and aimlessly surfing the internet.

No, no, no...

EDIT: Just tried to register for next semester, and it's telling me I haven't met prerequisites even though I'm in the prerequisite classes necessary right now. Oh, this bodes well.
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Don't divorce your online wife.

Yay, I finished my Case Analysis homework early. That means I should be working on medical terminology's seventy-page chapter of doom. Boo! Oh well. Could always be worse.

I forgot to mention I'm seeing my Arch Nemesis tomorrow afternoon. I've owed him a pizza forever and probably still have a DVD of his, and he says he's bringing movies. Should be fun!


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