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I called one of my coworkers "Aurora" today. I told her immediately that this was a compliment because my best friend's name is Aurora. Not sure if she believed me or not, but she said she liked that name. (My coworker's name is Doris. Not even close to Aurora, by the way.)

Damn, I'm tired. I've worked every day since the 12th. Working tomorrow, the next day and next week too. I'm waiting for laundry to dry so I can go to bed. Ah, oh well. What do you do, right?


Feb. 16th, 2016 07:41 pm
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Not much to report. Been quite a while since I felt this sick to my stomach. It's been since Saturday night, so I'm not sure if it's food poisoning or just some sort of stomach bug since one of my workers was out with a stomach thing the beginning of last week. All I know is I'm nauseated, have no appetite, had several close calls even getting to the bathroom while getting dressed for work (ew, which is why I didn't go this morning) and doing stuff is hard. Also, note to self, Immodium AD needs to be put on the list of drugs that knock me out all day, which makes no damn sense except when you consider the weird sensitivity I have to certain drugs. Ugh.

Aside from that, I got to hang out with my favorite people this weekend. Had dinner with Aurora before I got sick, which was nice. The conversation did highlight how long it has been, though, so hopefully we can find time to get together again soon. Also, Mike and I shared Valentine's Day and the four-year anniversary of the day we actually met yesterday, and even though I was ill for it, he was a very good sport. We stayed home on Valentine's despite our plans to go for sushi, and it was still nice. Yesterday, we went to Tahoe in the morning for breakfast and a walk around where we shared our first kiss. I feel a little bad that I didn't get more done for him for our anniversary, but hopefully I can make it up to him soon too. Some years are like that, I guess.

Lastly, Kiki seems to be hanging in there well despite the step-down in steroid doses to once a day, so maybe she still has some time despite our decision not to have her undergo surgery. We shall see.

Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow. My stupid fitbit step average is getting killed by all this laying around. ;)


Nov. 20th, 2012 09:30 pm
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"Autumn Haiku"
Chardonnay, pinot
noir, leaves like wine droplets, fall
Nov. 9, 2012

I was into writing poetry a few weeks ago, stuff about autumn (above) and toothpaste (upstairs on paper). I thought the trend might stick around. Alas, it's dried up instead. I'm also a few entries behind, if only in my head because I have several things I want to write down; but every time I sit still enough to try, they don't come out right. I'm not sure if that's going to be temporary or what. Either way, I should attempt it anyway and not care about the results not matching what's hiding in my brain, though I've never been all that great at not caring for some reason. It doesn't matter. I know that. Still, I manage to keep coming back here.

There are things I want to say, but I don't want to say them now. Hopefully I'll come back when they're ready to come out in a more satisfying way. Eh, so it goes. It's fine. Whatever, whatever.
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I had a nice day with my brother yesterday. He called on Friday night looking to come to Carson and, as he put it, "Go out," but I explained to him that I really don't do that sort of thing here... In fact, I don't really know the majority of this town because I have little or no reason to go to restaurants by myself or travel to the other side of town because I have everything I want to look at within maybe a two to three mile radius. Besides, I hardly drink at all anymore. I know I've mentioned that a fair amount recently, but it's strange to me given how much I used to. I don't know. I never was one for going out on the town even when I drank more. That only happened if someone convinced me it would be fun or I was really drunk already, probably because I can't stand most bars and being around crowds.

Anyway, since that was out, we made plans for him to visit in the afternoon instead. So, he came down around 11, and we went to Olive Garden for lunch. There we talked about a lot of things but mostly about how people are way too addicted to their smartphones and how technological advances are kind of ridiculous. Also, my brother ordered some shrimp pasta dish and a raspberry lemonade, and I ordered some beef dish and an iced tea, which made the waitress laugh and look at us funny. Got to keep them guessing, haha.

After that, we were way too full, so we walked a tiny fraction of lunch off on the bike trail near my house. In retrospect, I should have worn better walking shoes and/or ditched my long socks because the soles of my feet were really sore by the time we got back and my socks kept falling down. Also, I had previously thought the trail was around three miles long round trip (from timing how long it takes me to walk half a mile and extrapolating from there), but while we were walking, I saw someone had marked various distances on the other side of the trail from "Go!" to "2 miles." Huh. I guess it's longer than I thought!

When we got back, my brother had brought along this version of Trivial Pursuit. I liked it a lot more than the original version of Trivial Pursuit actually-- same silly trivia questions, but it takes a lot less time to play, you can choose the topics, and you can bet on whether the other person gets the question right or wrong. Pretty fun!

I also got suggestive hot sauce in the mail (reading the description is making me afraid it'll melt my face off, yikes!) and had a long, silly conversation about it and other things that lasted until it was time to go to bed. Excellent! ;) I woke up this morning feeling really shitty, though. Sniffly, my ear's clogged, and I've got some horrorshow cramp in my right side that's making it difficult to stay upright. (Also made myself dizzy trying to clean out my ear, bonus!) I had plans to clean the house, wash the car (though it looks gloomy out now), and go grocery shopping, but that might get cut down to the bare essentials I need to coast through the week if this doesn't get any better. The other first reader is in Hawaii for the next two weeks, so it'll be pretty bad if I get sick now.

Okay, I should probably try to get whatever I can done now. Just wanted to say I had a good time yesterday. Hopefully whatever this fake illness is will be temporary and I'll feel lame for complaining later. Yep, that sounds about right. It's almost noon. Time to face the day.
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Hm. Here are a few memorable New Years Eve celebrations from years past.

2000: I remember staying up late with my best friend at the time. We watched Carson Daly's take on New Years on MTV, if I remember right. (And now he does the mainstream show? Odd.) Y2K was a big deal. Like a lot of people, I think we mostly stayed up to see if any weird stuff would happen-- planes falling out of the sky and electronics suddenly malfunctioning and whatever else had been predicted in the mass media hysteria. Of course nothing did, and beyond saying happy new year, that was pretty much it. (I think the process repeated the next year only without the Y2K fears, and it was somehow supposed to be more important because I was graduating that year. It just ended up being boring. Meh.)

Sophomore year of college: I was living in my first apartment with Aurora and our tweaker roommates. (I guess I shouldn't call them that, but damn it, I really disliked them and their stupid druggie friends.) My mom came to town with lobsters they gave her at the casino, and we hung out with her for a little while before venturing downtown to watch fireworks. We pre-gamed with alcohol we somehow had on hand, but I don't think either of us felt it all that much given the cold and the usual vast crowd of characters that gather downtown for such events. (Could be wrong. I was 20, and hangovers weren't near as bad in those days.) We stood under the Reno Arch (or maybe Circus Circus, can't recall which downtown excursion that was), which was kind of cool, but the fireworks were kind of boring; people were generally drunk and rude; and we came home to one of our roommate's friends puking in our common area. We thought it was the worst thing ever. For a while after that, when something bad happened, Aurora and I would just shrug at each other and say, "Well, there's always next year."

Senior year of college: My aunts were in town. I went up to my sister's house to be with the family (though I don't think my dad was there), and I was irritated that I couldn't drink that much in front of them. I kept sneaking into the garage to shotgun shitty beer with my older sister and wandering back in to see if anyone noticed. Pretty lame thing to get mad about in retrospect. I just really wanted to be bombed for some reason.

Somewhere between then and now: It was snowing. There was bargain wine and a hot tub. Neither of us was sure of the time, and fireworks just went off above Reno with magic to spare.

Last year: I was exhausted from just starting to work overtime at my new job and commuting 40 minutes each way every day. My mom came into town to visit my younger sister and I, and my brother came over with champagne. He was really anxious about opening that champagne. "Can I open it now? Should I open it now? What do you think?" Drove me crazy. Finally at 4 minutes to midnight, he couldn't take it any more and popped it open. We almost missed the fireworks because he had trouble, but we toasted anyway. Then, with everyone being tired, we all shuffled off to bed an hour later.

This year: Well, I said I wasn't going to do anything today, but I ended up taking a walk, cleaning parts of my house, putting away various Christmas presents, doing laundry (because you have to do laundry to have clean sheet day!), and taking down the Christmas tree. Now I'm exhausted, and it's not even 9:00 yet. I was thinking about trying to see if there was anything going on in Carson City, but given how small the town is, I doubt anything is happening (though I was surprised by the fireworks on the 4th of July earlier this year). I just wasn't in the mood to go up to Reno and... what, fight the drunkards downtown? Watch fireworks from my younger sister's balcony and drive her crazy? Go to my brother's block party and watch him drink with his friends who make fun of him if he attempts to drink water even though he assured me he "doesn't want to get too drunk"? Yeah, pass. I'll probably watch fireworks on TV and go to bed after that unless my insomnia kicks in. I feel like I should want to do something, but I have no desire or motivation. Oh well. I'm just uber-lame this year, I guess. Par for the course, really.

Anyway, that was a nice little cross-section of New Years Eves. I don't give much credence to this holiday and never really have (though a few years ago when I made resolutions, I actually did very well with them, which surprised me). It is interesting to watch the year tick by, I suppose, but ultimately, these little signposts don't mark that much for me. It's the beginning of the calendar year. Not a heck of a lot more. Hopefully this year isn't rough, though. I have somewhat illogical superstitions about even years, but that's an entirely different story.

Barring any strange happenings, I'll see you in 2012. Hope you have a great one. <3
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The list of chemicals I react strangely to:
Nyquil/cough syrup in general (makes me wired for some reason if I take too much of it)
Caffeine (either has no effect or makes me sleepy)
Alcohol (sometimes also wires me depending on how much I've had, though I've been way too prone to blacking out once I get in the thick of it)
And now, Claritin, 24 hour ready-tab version (gave me dry mouth but did nothing for my allergies after the first half of the day and kept me up most of last night)

This is partially why I don't take anything unless I have to and didn't really get into recreational drugs. I was never sure how I would react to them even if their effects were well documented. I didn't want to be the even weirder girl in the corner having opposite reactions to everything. I've got enough problems with trying to be social as it is, though I didn't mind hanging around other people so long as they were cool with that. This lead to some odd situations, but that was a long time ago now.

This also marks the first time I've ever called out of work (even though I didn't have to be there in the first place).Read more... )

I'm glad it rained. It's been a fairly good year for thunderstorms around here, which is strange given our usual drought conditions. I hope fall comes soon, though, as this hot weather is getting old, but we'll see what happens. I don't like winter, but a hard freeze would sure solve these damned allergies. Everything is late this year because it was cold up until June. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm just rambling about nothing now. Maybe I should try to do something productive before I completely lose any motivation to do so. Eh...
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Geez, what a weekend. I'm just now starting to feel alive again after waking up with a soul-crushing hangover. It's not that I drank a lot. It was drinking white then red wine, having a small nip of bourbon, and nursing half a beer over the course of having dinner/messing around with my family in Smith. I always forget the terrible effects of mixing alcohol until the morning after. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now. Also, we went swimming then hung out in the hot tub. I crashed around 1:30 while the rest of the crew went to bed at either 3:30 or 4:00 this morning. Oh, and I woke up at 7:00 anyway and gave up on sleeping around 9:00, which gave me time to walk down the road a bit and probably dehydrate myself even more. I'm not used to this at all anymore. My tolerance is really quite pathetic, but I don't really see that as a bad thing.

What spurred all this is my older sister Katie coming to town with her girlfriend (also Katie), which hasn't happened since around Christmas. We were having trouble figuring out when the last time the whole family was in Smith last, considering the Katies live in San Fransisco and it's getting harder and harder to get four siblings to come together at the same time. Kind of odd. My mom tore cartilage in her knee earlier in the week but somehow managed to make a fantastic spaghetti dinner for everyone anyway. We took the family Christmas picture (hopefully). I talked politics with my dad a bit (which is always annoying, especially when he starts talking about how he kind of agrees with the tea party, ugh), but I just left it alone for the most part. There's too much I know about Nevada politics behind the scenes that I can't talk about to be of much use in political conversations anyway. It was nice that no one fought with each other, though, even if it's still strange that my parents live in separate houses. Also, I really need to get more of my junk off their hands soon since I have more of a permanent place to live now. Hmm.

I'm still not sure what's going on with my vacation later this month. I have the week around my birthday blocked off, and I originally wanted to visit San Fransisco (as long as certain people who also live in that area don't find out about it). I'm currently going back and forth about it, but I need to figure it out soon if I'm going. I'm on the fence because the pastry company Katie works for is opening their storefront that week, and my Aunt Moya has to work most of the days I want to go. Plus, I'm not sure how long I can leave my cats alone, since I don't know anyone who would be willing to look in on them who doesn't live 40 minutes away. Last night was the first night I've been away since I moved here, but they seemed to do alright aside from a hairball on the floor. Oh well. I'll figure it out. There's always Lake Tahoe, I suppose.

Anyway, I guess I haven't really been very good about keeping this up to date about things going on in my life lately. A lot of the time, it feels pretty unimportant and routine, though certain stories still pop into my head and are waiting to be told. It remains to be seen if I'll get to those or not. If you're curious about anything in particular, you can always leave a comment and ask. Otherwise, I'll just have to organize myself and hope for the best. Anyway, I hope you're all doing well, as always. <3
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Two hours after getting out of work, I have made pizza, had some wine, given the cats some catnip, and have a four-layer dessert for a potluck in the works. I'd be an awesome housewife!

... except for the part where I drive myself insane when I'm unemployed. Oh, right! I'd be a terrible housewife!

Actually, I think I'm one of the only people on the planet who, given the choice, would not go back to doing nothing all day. I bet you never thought you'd read that, eh? Oh well.

Happy Solstice tomorrow.
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You know, I've been thinking about this all day, and I'm not sure what really fits this question. I love my dad, but he's not one for giving advice. The conversations I have with him usually center around his Irish-English dictionary (which he's been writing for over thirty years and will probably never be complete), linguistics in general (since I have an English degree), politics or religion. I learned long ago not to argue with him about the later two topics, mostly because it's pointless. He talks at me more than with me, and I have no reason to try to get him to see it my way because he's convinced half the time that I'm a terrible democrat whose mind has been warped by going to college, which isn't all that true, given my wavering stance on many different areas of thought, but that's neither here nor there. (Besides that, he believes all philosophy is moral relativism, and that doesn't sit well with the part of me that minored in philosophy. Don't even get me started on how much he hates lawyers.) The one time I tried to explain my stance on religion, he told me I had "dangerous thoughts" and implied I was going to hell. That would be assuming such a place exists, but try explaining that to a devout Irish Catholic who has only grown more religious as the years have passed.

However, an incident in high school stands out to me. I guess I should really call it THE incident in high school because it was the one time I really got in trouble. I was around sixteen. My older sister talked to a boy on the internet who lived in the next town over, and when they met in person, I was her unwitting wing-woman. This meant while she got to know the guy, I was stuck with his friend in the backseat of the guy's beaten up blue Volvo. (Incidentally, this is how I got my first kiss, and it was the start of one of the oddest relationships I've had to date.) Anyway, we drove out to meet them fairly often, and we'd hang out with their friends; they'd smoke; and eventually, we'd all drink, usually around a bonfire (real small-town cliche-like). One evening, the parents of one of their friends were out of town, so they threw a huge party like the teenagers we all were. My sister and I swigged vodka straight from the bottle (because we could do things like that and it still seemed cool in those days), and within an hour, we were both trashed. Our internet friends drove us to the nearest 7-11, called our parents (because I somehow slurred out the number to them), then left us.

My mom, being the disciplinarian and all-around parent in that relationship, was predictably pissed and got our stumbling asses home, spent half the next day giving us the silent treatment, and then doled out the lectures and castigation we both deserved. On top of feeling horrible because I was hungover, I slunk downstairs to try to get relief from the intense shame and disappointment that hung thickly in the air. I hid in the basement behind the only computer that connected to the internet (as we were a dialup family in those days).

I mention this because I don't remember my dad being around at all during this incident until that moment. He was fairly tight-lipped and tended to leave the room whenever mom was handing out punishments. This was pretty much the way it was my whole childhood, aside from him yelling at my siblings and me to turn off lights when we left the room and not to stomp our feet or make lots of noise overhead while he was working on his dictionary in the basement. (Well, that and generally not being a fan of us watching The Simpsons or Southpark or anything we listened to besides Cake, but that's another story.) But this day, he walked in the room (which is also where he worked), very quietly told me that everyone makes mistakes and that it would be alright, and walked back out.

My dad is fairly absent and has always had other priorities. We don't talk much; and we agree on even less; but that's the sort of thing I think about when anyone asks me about fatherly advice-- that almost non-existent voice in the background saying that even when you've messed up royally and it doesn't look like you'll ever make it right, it will eventually turn out okay.

Thanks, Dad.
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Yeah, I'm cliche and predictable to some extent. I'll admit it. I buy something then listen to it until I know all the words like the back of my hand. Though, even that's funny lately. I look at the back of my hand, and I see scores of new scars, the origins of most I can't even place these days. I suppose one can have a book with unknown chapters, even if the story is supposed to be your own.

Some people like to point to certain ancient Greek bards, the kind who could recite the Odyssey or Iliad by heart from any place in the poem, no matter where. Then we look at our attention-deficit ridden generation and wonder where our memory went. Well, a book I read recently (Beowulf on the Beach, which I forgot to mention when I originally wrote this) reminded me to look at how many lyrics we hum, the songs we know by heart even without trying. Are these things any less meaningful? Perhaps there was less to remember then. Perhaps we just want something to make ourselves feel better. Anything will do. Anything besides the stupid buzzing in our heads. Anything.

"The Graveyard Near The House"
-The Airborne Toxic Event

The other day when we were walking by the graveyard near the house you asked me if I thought we would ever die. And if life and love both fade so predictably, we've made ourselves a kind of predictable lie. the rest of the lyrics are under here )

Better Now

Mar. 11th, 2011 07:13 pm
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Still really bummed about the tsunami (apparently, they freak me out the worst out of all natural disasters? not sure why), but I'm glad I'm home and have tomorrow off, which was a little touch and go for a hot second there. No work 'til Sunday afternoon. Pretty standard except for the whole time change thing.

Relaxing with wine (Wrongo Dongo to be precise), salad, chicken parmesan pasta, and brownies in the oven. Oh, and not texting people who are bad for me like the last two Fridays.

Anyway, get to it! Yay, Friday.
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Here's my wild and crazy Friday night.

-Get home, call mom, make hot dogs and salad for dinner.
-Watch tv for a while, realize I'm not really watching tv so much as listening to it while on the internet, turn it off when stupid Chelsea Handler comes on.
-Open a bottle of half-drunk wine, read my email, hunt down my flashdrive to take what I've downloaded upstairs.
-Drink wine, start a deposition summary for my aunt (because having one job that takes up most of my time is not enough!), and talk like an idiot to the cats about how pretty they are.
-update livejournal about it.

The end.
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All right, this is totally going to be cheese-tastic, but I don't care because I haven't been saying it enough.

I've had a lot of ups and downs in the last six months, and I couldn't have gotten through it without my very excellent friends, family, and you. Your comments, concerns, chats, messages, advice, sharing personal experiences about past relationships, phone calls, drink sessions, beer crawls, meals, long drives around Tahoe, floats down the river, baseball games, concerts, making fun of poetry, movies, walks through crowds of Hot August Nights, listening to my near-constant whining/analyzing/backpedaling, and other general support have been super fantastic, and I really don't know how to thank you in a way that truly expresses my gratitude. I guess this will have to do for now, but really. All of you have been so great to me, even when I'm annoying the hell out of you.

So thank you.
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Normally, I'd post this on facebook because it's silly, but I think a lot of the more conservative types there believe I'm an alcoholic weirdo already. Might as well spread the joy here. Haha.

The Winerack

Description: Now you can turn an A cup in to double Ds AND sport your favorite beverage for yourself and your friends! We get it that some chicks just don’t want that pregnant look that comes with The Beerbelly. We developed The Winerack to “Fill Out” our product line if you will.

Not that I'd sport it, but as a woman who isn't stacked but is fond of wine, I laughed.


Jul. 9th, 2010 07:30 pm
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I found the eyeglass cleaning cloth I thought I lost in a bar while out with Peter tucked away in a pocket of my purse. Ha! Got to love it when my drunk self does something nice and thoughtful instead of messing things up.

I got more work today! It's not enough to pay the bills yet, but I'm grateful for the experience! Also, I'm still working on applications that might not go anywhere! <3

I spent way too much time reading this comic the last few days: Girls with Slingshots

And I'm having a beer! Woo! Happy Friday, all!

EDIT: Oh, and I think I'm funny.

(7:39:18 PM) NerdKatie24: just got like 3 random text messages from 3 totally different people
(7:39:19 PM) NerdKatie24: wtf?
(7:39:20 PM) NerdKatie24: ahhh
(7:39:35 PM) Chicken Hippie: ummm did someone put your number in a bathroom?
(7:39:46 PM) NerdKatie24: 3 different people in 3 different cities?
(7:39:54 PM) Chicken Hippie: a lot of bathrooms?

Of Course

Apr. 8th, 2010 11:09 am
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Always gave advice
advice no one could follow
But you're right of course

of course you're right


I may or may not have a hangover even though I only had four beers over the course of several hours last night? Maybe it's more that I didn't sleep well at all. Oh well. The company was more than worth it.

But will I find motivation today? I don't know. That remains to be seen.
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And, uh, not regarding my copious issues:

I have corned beef (but no cabbage or potatoes) cooking for dinner tonight! Dinner with friends! I am excited!

I know what long-time readers are thinking. "But Fiona, you always complain on St. Patrick's Day about how corned beef isn't Irish and what a stereotype it is!" You are correct. It is an Irish-American thing that originated in New York. While the Irish do boil meat and make similar types of dishes, corned beef isn't one of them. I tend to complain about it not because I don't like corned beef, though. I complain about it because no Irish food tastes that good with the exception of an Irish breakfast. (Oh man. If I had the stuff to make Irish breakfast, I would, but then I'd be stuffed to the gills and unable to do anything for the rest of spring break.)

But that aside, I actually really like corned beef, and I loooove corned beef hash. I haven't had it for a really long time due to my self-imposed "That's not Irish!" kick and have never cooked it before, so I decided to take a break from celebrating other ethnic foods this year and try my hand at the old stereotype. We'll see if it turns out any good. If not, I have a few six packs of beer that will drown out the taste.

Anyway, yay.
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I'm the jerk that makes you leave the party.

Yeah, that's me.


Jul. 4th, 2009 01:06 pm
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I think I've linked to this guy's work before, but I just found it again. Awesome stuff.

On tap today is barbecue with the fam. Other than that, I'm pretty open... Open to drinking beers or other intoxicating liquids most likely. I'm a good American that way.

Hope you have a good one, whatever you end up doing out there in TV land.
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I seem to be stuck in an "I just got home, so I need to decompress for an hour" mode after getting back from Aurora's bachelorette party. But it's 2:00 in the morning! I need sleep now, man! Rats!

It was lots of fun (even though I left my fish tacos in your fridge)! So it goes.

Goodnight, internets.


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