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Okay, let's do it.

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So, that's it. Now maybe I'll be able to update on some of the other stuff that has been happening, since that has seemed like an endless series of distractions. I'll be back soon to talk about that, I'm sure, but thanks for your patience over the last few entries while I've tried to gather my thoughts about this trip. Overall, it was an experience I won't forget. Under all, life constantly gets in the way.
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Augh, I think this week is going to be crazy, so let's try again...

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Two days seems to be my record for the moment. I'll try again later. Thanks for putting up with my short bursts about this trip. Hopefully headed toward done soon.
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I've been having a lot of jacked up dreams lately, most of which I mercifully don't remember. This one, though, I did. Dreams are dumb )

We had a very nice visit in Utah.Farewell Riley )

This week hasn't been too strenuous. I worked for three days then had yesterday off so I could go with Mike to his follow-up appointment for his ankle. His doctor said he could start putting weight on his foot again, but to do so gradually so he can get used to it again after not being on it for eight weeks. He is still using his crutches to get around, but at least he can now put both feet on the ground and move forward. I think that makes things much easier to deal with. After we got home, I finished a blanket I started the week I broke my own foot, so I guess that's kind of fitting. Hopefully going forward won't involve any more broken feet, but we'll see what the future holds.

Other than that, got a new dishwasher today (because I've hated the way ours doesn't clean our dishes for quite a while now) and custom framed Mike's anniversary gift (a printout on cloth of our vows). We also finally got to try Peg's Glorious Ham 'n Eggs, which opened in our town a few weeks ago, and bought some groceries. Pretty successful overall, I think. Mike goes to Livermore tomorrow, and then it's time for another week. So it goes.
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Mike made it through his surgery fine! He was out of anesthesia earlier than scheduled, and everything seems to be going well despite him still being in pain. (It's at least different pain since the doctor fixed his fracture.) The doctor said he did not have to do the third procedure he thought he might have (he was thinking of another patient), but he did have to put a screw through the fibula into the other bone, which increases his non-weight bearing to eight weeks instead of six. Other than that, he has the standard plate and screws, and he got his appetite back pretty much right away. It was hard on him because he got a nerve block, which numbed his whole foot for about 24 hours and looked pretty painful to put in place. It wore off at 5:00ish this morning, but he otherwise seems to be doing pretty good.

And I would have gone back to work today had it not been for the cold I seem to have picked up somewhere-- sore throat, congestion, sneezing, coughing, alternating runny nose and eye (only on the left side of my face) and headache. Awesome! Why not, right?! I'm definitely not needed at work or for anything else! Sigh. So it goes.
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Mike has ankle surgery tomorrow. We have to be there at 6:00 a.m. I'm super not looking forward to the early morning. My mom is already in Reno and has plans to sit with me for the hour it will take to do the surgery and the other hour it will take until he's ready to go home. Otherwise, uh, I dunno. Mike has never had surgery before, and I'm not sure how anesthesia will affect him. I have plans to stay with him for the recommended 24-hour-period, but beyond that is touch and go. Work is ramping up, and it's hard to be away from it (though I made a pretty dumb mistake this afternoon that I'm still kind of miffed at myself for). It is what it is, and I don't have anything remarkable to say about anything really. I mostly thought about posting about it on facebook but realized I didn't want my whole friends list to know the particulars. (If Mike posted about it, it would be different, but he hasn't either.) I wanted to record it, but I didn't want to answer particulars from the peanut gallery. Kind thoughts are still very much appreciated, though.

I guess I'm trying not to think about it because if I do, I get nervous and worried. When they scheduled the surgery, the doctor said it wasn't urgent but if they didn't go in and realign his ankle with a plate and screws (and depending on what they find, turn another bone around if necessary), he might be worse off in the long run. Mike keeps saying he feels like if he just stayed off of it for a while, it would be fine. Sigh. Surgery is surgery, though, and it's scary to think about what-ifs. Have I always been this ridiculous about possibilities and the unknown? Who am I kidding asking that question anyway?

It's hard. Not going to lie. I'm doing my best, but I'm not even really very good at that. I've retreated to the guest room because I've been sleeping worse than normal lately, and that's not good for anyone. He never seems to get comfortable. Hopefully the surgery will fix that. Either way, he has to be non-weight-bearing for six weeks, and with my work where it is, I'm not going to be home all that much. More than session because it will be a fixed schedule, but still less than the usual shifts. His work allows him to work from home, so that currently doesn't seem to be an issue, though he hasn't been doing much of that either.

I'm a little stressed out, and I'm not sure what to look forward to. That's life though, I guess. Got to be present in the muck sometimes in order to get out of it or something. Metaphors are failing me. I should probably turn in before it's 4:00 in the morning and time to wake up again, yeah? Ugh. Oh well. Hopefully Mike gets through it all okay and we patch up the rest in post. Whatever that means. I'd like to have at least one summer that doesn't end up like this, but we'll see how it goes.

I'm glad August is almost over anyway. Stupid August. No one likes you.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Honestly, I didn't have many plans at the start of the year beyond "make it through session." Well, that and don't break any more body parts, but that's a given considering how much my foot still hurts and reminds me when storms are coming.

It's been a big year. It was the start of my first cycle as supervisor handling eight proofreaders during the legislative session, and it wasn't all that easy. I think I did a fairly good job for having replaced my boss, who did the job for ten years plus and saw a lot of changes to her job in that time. I'm not sure if it would have been possible for her to convey to me just how many facets there are to supervising. Some I picked up from watching her, but a lot of it has been a steep learning curve, especially when it comes to relations between my people. I mean, I knew handling relationships between people would be part of the job, but I had no idea how big of a percentage and how unprepared I'd be for some of the scenarios I've run across.

Suffice it to say I'm still learning and will probably never fully figure it out.

It's been stressful and hard on Mike as well, considering he only got to experience session stress from a few states away last time, and I know it can't have been easy to deal with my freaking out about hours and deadlines and everything else that goes along with trying to keep up with the legislature, not to mention our various health problems and just general adjustments that go along with newer marriages and life. So far, he's helped me immensely, and I don't remember how I got through it without him the last two times. He's such a sweetheart, and thought he has his own work issues, I'm pretty sure he's helped me out far more than I've helped him. I'm very lucky he sticks around sometimes.

It's been difficult to see my body deteriorate, though. I've recently become more and more aware of how weak my physique is compared to before I broke my foot. At that point, I was just starting to see the effects of less exercise due to being a newly wed and lazier specimen in general, but now I'm definitely feeling like I'm not where I want to be physically. I'm trying to start my old exercise routine before work again, but it is challenging to get up earlier in the morning not to mention we'll be going back on overtime soon to do codification and I'll have much less time to figure it out then. Sigh.

Work/life balance has become rougher to figure out. I wouldn't trade my life with Mike for anything I had before, but it is hard to see what's coming and plan for the future. Certain days I feel like I have all the time in the world to do what we want to do, and other times I feel my biological clock ticking. I don't know when I'll be ready. I don't know if there's a right time to do anything, really. I do know we'd make anything work, but there are many more unknowns that I can't seem to square with myself right now. I suppose there's no harm in leaving it alone until things settle into whatever they're going to settle into. If there is, I won't know until later anyway.

Most of my life can be summed up in this sentence anyway: "I needn't have worried." This seems to become more true the more I repeat it to myself after particularly stressful events that turned out to not be so bad, so... Why worry about it now? I needn't have worried. It'll work out and be okay.
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So, uh, hi again. Let's see, I worked fifteen of the last twenty days. I ended up with a random Friday off (unprecedented for session), and this week has been pretty boring so far. Because I had a three-day weekend and barely anything has been going on with work, I've been trying to convince myself to get back into old routines, which really just means starting over at this point.

I used to work out twice a week before work. Well, my broken foot put the kibosh on that for a year, and I've come up with so many excuses for not waking up earlier. (This morning's was, "But I woke up at 3:40 and just got back to sleep!" Super pleasant.) Fitbit's still forcing me to walk 10K steps a day, but I manage to feel physically weak anyway. My foot also still hurts! GRAND!

Other hobbies I used to do on a regular basis I'd like to do
(in no particular order):
See friends in person

OH, and this. Write, right? Right, right. I used to write constantly, about anything and everything. What happened to that? Why is that question all I seem to write about here? I had this grand plan at the start of the week to write one entry per day all this week, even if I felt like I had nothing to write about, and somehow it's already Tuesday, and I see I haven't written in almost three weeks before that. I kind of feel like nothing is going on even though I know I'm just still tired and busy even though we're doing nothing. Such a weird paradox.

I'm aware this whole thing is pretty boring. I'm pretty sure no one really reads this, and that's okay. Why put it out there then? Well, I'm mostly trying to jar myself into recording some of this again because I used to think about much greater things. I used to have things to say other than, "I'm so tired. I wish I was at home/asleep/not working so much," etc. Yeah, maybe those things were dumb too, but I felt better when I could express some of these thoughts knocking around in my head. So often, I feel unable to grasp my own thoughts these days, so often gone with the passing moment because I can't spend too much time parsing things or I'll forget how to stay upright. I just want to remind myself that I know how to think about ideas that aren't work related, whatever those are. I used to put things together. I used to make things. I know how to do this. I'm just out of practice... or I never really knew how but like to entertain myself with delusions of grandeur. Either way, it's something I'm missing. It's something I want back in my life.

Enough with the excuses, I guess. Well, that and not so much of the self-chastising if I'm not able to make my goals. Start small or at least start somewhere.
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Things I've learned in the past year:

Breaking stuff can happen really quickly, even if you're healthy and have never broken anything like it before.

Stairs are terrifying.

Handicap services are totally helpful when you need them.

Muscle mass is easy to lose and much harder to get back.

You can lose joints in your foot via surgery just so you can walk sometime again.

I used to walk really fast.

People notice a lot more than I give them credit for.

It's possible to have an infection for a long time without realizing what it is.

You can breathe without feeling constantly congested. It just might take surgery.

Also, a carryover from last year: Don't blow your nose after you get your wisdom teeth out. You could cause yourself a rare problem that messes up half your year.

My mother and new family members are very supportive.

Marriage is different than I thought it would be. It's much harder but also more fulfilling in ways I didn't know existed.

I married a decent man.

I have forgotten what it's like to live alone. I'm okay with that.

Sometimes, even though it seems like a diagnosis fits, your cat is just a jerk.

Even if you've been through something multiple times, you can feel totally unprepared for what's ahead.

I thought I had more to say, but I'm going to leave it there. Happy 2015.
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I think that's one of the longest walks I've ever taken in quite a while. Fitbit says I walked six and a half miles, which is just under a quarter of a marathon. Holy cow, how do people do those? Oh yeah, they run, and I don't.

Anyway, there's a trail near our house I walk on weekends. Recently, someone wrote mile markers on the trail, which didn't really seem to match up to the distance I usually walk, even if I go to the end of the trail. This morning, I decided to pay a little more attention to the markers to see if they were accurate. Well, I got to the end of the trail and realized the trail connects to a whole other set of trails I never noticed before. This is probably because once I reach that point, I want to turn back, but since I was following the arrows, I noticed they pointed to another paved trail.


I went a little further on this trail to see if I could reach the end of the markers, but I ended up turning back near a different crosswalk because I had already walked over 6,000 steps by that point and was worried I wouldn't be able to make it back.

I guess I have some more trails to explore now, though I'll probably have to drive over there and park before trying that because who knows how far they go and if my foot will last the whole way. Neat. Something else to look forward to.

(Also, Texas update coming soon. I have a few things to do today, but I'm hoping I can get to it later this afternoon.)
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I've been very bad at keeping up with this thing. Oh well. A little at a time, I guess. I've been in overdrive lately, besides still being exhausted and feeling like I still haven't quite caught up from special session two weeks ago.

What was nice about the week after session ended is I already had Tuesday and Wednesday off because I scheduled it months ago so I could get x-rays one day and see my foot doctor the next. That appointment went very well. He said that I was pretty much healed (besides my osteopenia, which should keep going away) and that I should continue to get better and better. Because my mom has been to all of these appointments, she was there to ask if physical therapy was necessary anymore. The doctor said if I felt I wasn't making progress, I could quit; so I called them later that day and cancelled the rest of my appointments. I've been pretty frustrated with it for a while, so even though I still have work to do, this is a good thing. I've been trying to keep up with the exercises I was doing there and walking a ton because of fitbit and the walking challenge, so I think I'll get there eventually even if my foot still hurts most of the time.

We also got some new furniture delivered, which I think has helped us out in terms of organizing our house, but that's definitely an ongoing project considering we're experiencing some storage issues recently. Oh well. I will figure that one out soon I hope.

This week, work has been fairly slow, which has been very strange. It feels weird to go from deadlines and craziness to little to nothing being important. It's a bit of whiplash, really. Still, I know it won't be long before we're in ridiculous mode again, so I'm okay with this for now. I need a little bit of time to prepare for the new hires (not sure when they'll come, but I get to train them, so goody), and there's plenty still to do that doesn't involve session. I just hope we get it all done before it gets crazy again. Yikes.

On Thursday, Mike's parents came into town. They started a road trip that will take them from their home in New Mexico through Vegas and Carson City, up through the Boise and Pocatello area, down to Salt Lake and then back home, all in a few weeks. On this leg, they stopped here for the weekend to stay with us, and I think it went pretty well. Mike made New Mexican lasagne for dinner on Thursday and showed them around Reno and Tahoe Friday because I had to work. Yesterday, my parents came up to have brunch with all of us at Adele's (which I'm happy to report they liked, since that's apparently very hard to do), and we found a jacket for Mike's dad because he forgot to pack one. Other than that, we kind of hung around, had El Pollo Loco for dinner, then played Trivial Pursuit. They left early this morning, and I believe I heard they've already made it to Idaho. Phew! Sounds a bit grueling, but they're making good time.

Otherwise, today has been pretty lazy. I walked this morning. Mike and I went grocery shopping for our short week here. I am in the midst of laundry. The floors got semi-vacuumed before I ran out of motivation. Mike had to go to Livermore this afternoon for his monthly sales meeting, but he'll be back tomorrow. Also, hey, it's sunny after a few days of rain, so that's pretty pleasant. I think we're mostly looking forward to our trip to Texas later in the week. We leave on Thursday and are staying with Mike's friend Vanessa and her family. We also get to see a lot of his college friends (we're going to a fifth anniversary party of one of his friends because he didn't get to go to the wedding) and do some touristy stuff since I've never been outside the airport in Texas. Should be fun. Hopefully all goes well.

The only thing I'm slightly concerned about is Kiki. Last night I noticed a sore spot on her left front leg where it looks like she has worn away her fur and started gnawing away at her skin. :( This happened once before after she had the abscess drained from her back, which makes me wonder if maybe she's having some health or anxiety problems since there have been more people in the house the last few days, but I don't know. I'm keeping an eye on it and will go to the vet if it gets any worse, but any other suggestions as to why might be helpful.

Anyway, I kind of want to go veg some more, so that's it for now. Hopefully I can keep this up a little better in the coming weeks. Given my track record, I have no idea how long that hope will last. Oh well. It is what it is.

EDIT: Somehow I forgot to mention that my older sister Katie visited last weekend so she could get a new car, and my brother ended up getting a new one too. Sheesh. Way too much is going on recently. Calm would be nice. Maybe in a few more weeks, haha.
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So I got to see Aurora and my younger siblings this weekend. Mike was invited to a golf tournament; but he's never played golf before; so he enlisted my brother to teach him. That sounded dull to watch, so I visited Aurora instead, where we caught up and watched her two-year-old drag toys into the room they'd just cleaned. Heh. She's having a little boy in November, so it'll be interesting to see how the dynamic changes. Not that I see her much to begin with, but I'm still excited for her.

She has this warning, though-- "Kids ruin your relationship." (Ah, but I already know we're not having kids any time soon if we can help it, so I can put off thinking about that. Like I will.) It was very nice to see her, though. Been too long.

After Mike and Mike finished golfing, which I heard went pretty well, we joined Siobhan for sushi, where the fish was good but the service was terrible. Both of my siblings are having similar work issues, where they're working more hours than they're supposed to. Siobhan at least likes her work at the children's museum. Michael makes it sound like they're trying to break him at the news station. He's been there a long time, though, and they've began merging with another station recently. So that kind of sucks.

We did a little shopping after that (because Mike won a work contest and had the option of either a gift card or a TV, so he wanted to see what he might be able to get if he accepted the gift card) then headed home.

Yesterday I dragged him all over town because I've had some ideas about organizing the upstairs rooms rattling around in my head for a while and finally couldn't stand putting it off anymore. I've wanted to put a rug in the landing between the bedrooms since I moved in, but I never got around to it because we don't tend to use that room for much to begin with and it's easy to forget about. We picked up a semi-cheap one at World Market, which looks pretty nice. I didn't think it would change the room as much as it did, really. I'm probably just not used to it yet. We also picked up a set of shelves for Mike's office because it's been hard for him to store all of his food broker stuff in there without just leaving it in a pile on the floor. We were also able to move the cat box out of there and into the landing on the new rug, so hopefully that will both create room in the office and get the cats to use that box (because the cats have THREE litter boxes in this house and only use ONE with regularity, ugh).

My last idea for that room right now involves some sort of comfy chair for Mike to sit in and work, since he works mostly out of the house and is pretty much relegated to his downstairs recliner for work, which is probably not always the best place. We looked at a local furniture store but didn't settle on anything. However, there are lots of options out there, and since Mike organized his broker stuff today, we have a lot more room to play with now.

Pretty social and productive overall.

Today I got my Fitbit in the mail. What's the Fitbit's story? Well, the governor has issued a challenge for state workers to walk 150,000 steps per month for September and October in honor of Nevada's 150th birthday. This sounds impressive, but it mostly means you need to average about 5,000 steps per day, which I'm pretty sure I get most days. I did, however, like the idea of getting a pedometer that automatically counts my steps, estimated calories burned, and distance walked as well as synchs to a computer and makes graphs and stuff with that information. Oh, and getting the fancy-pants pedometer for half off was a definite incentive. Pretty sweet. I can already see myself getting obsessive with it, probably because I can manually imput my weight, other physical activities, and food intake, but we'll see how it goes. I'm still going to lose all my free time in a few months time, but hey, sweet pedometer is pedometer. Plus if I meet the challenge, I get some sort of certificate, so that's kind of cool. (There are to-be-determined prizes for the top walkers that are Nevada-themed. Amusing, but I'm not going to pull out my competitive spirit for that, especially since every step I take is still pretty painful. The current goal is pretty doable, though. Maybe I can get a little more depending on how things go.)

I have two more days of work this week. We've been working on a big project, but it has tapered off for now. I was able to get some more of my backlog of backburner work done, which is good. I'm taking a few days off and going to Livermore with Mike for his monthly sales meeting. Well, I'm not going because of the sales meeting. More he's already going and I'm commandeering his trip to go see my aunts and sister before I'm unable to (which is what I wanted to do last month before it fell through). We're going to stay at my aunts' place on Friday evening, hang out with them Saturday, drive up to Katie's place to stay with them Saturday night, then head to Livermore sometime Sunday. Not sure what I'm going to do while Mike is in his sales meeting, but we'll figure it out.

Anyway, I think that about brings us up to date. I ought to go do something more productive with my time, but whatever. At least there's not a lot left to this week.
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+Walked almost 40 minutes this morning, which is close to the pace I used to have, because my physical therapist suggested I start trying to take longer strides again.
-Got pretty sunburned in the process.
+Ate delicious food at Villa Basque Deli and Cafe, which doesn't have a proper website but has been up and running for 30 years. Pretty good odds for repeat visits, I'd say.
+Got a steam mop for cleaning the hardwood floors, which was a little spendy but totally a delight to work with. I cleaned the floors in about the time it took to wash a load of clothes, which is a vast improvement considering how much I hate mopping. Would do again.
-The cat food we buy in bulk (specifically, their indoor, advanced age and hairball treatment food that they love) was only being sold in a small bag at the pet store. Mike had to find a way to order some online. First world problems.
+Didn't spend too much on groceries because we were full and didn't have a lot on our list. This might backfire later in the week when we don't know what to have for dinner, but it was nice to save a little money.
+/-It rained. (Plus because it's good for our drought. Minus because it's making all my joints scream.)
-I managed to trip on my computer cord and fall pretty hard on my knees and somehow scrape up the toes on my good foot at the same time. That sucked. Hopefully it won't be too bad tomorrow.
+Mike made sausage and grits for dinner. He's feeling a little better after his endoscopy procedure on Thursday, and it looks promising that he doesn't have Celiac's Disease, though his stomach is inflamed, the doctor took a polyp from the bottom of his esophagus and he might have ulcers. Still waiting for the results on that, but he seems okay if not sore.
+Mike also got a different C-PAP machine which seems to be working better for him and not waking me up as much. So far, so good.
-The ceiling fan in our master bedroom is semi-broken and only works when it wants to right now, which is unfortunate because we can't simultaneously leave the sliding door open at night (which would help with the heat in the room) and set the alarm (which helps calm my anxiety concerning other people). Boo.
-My sister's dog (who I looked after for two years and was a little over eleven years old) died a few days ago from a heart condition. :(
+The laundry just dinged, so that means I can go to bed soon.

And I still haven't updated about our recent vacation to Cedar City, but hopefully I'll get motivated to do so before too many other things happen and I forget. There are at least some nice pictures up on facebook. Shrug.
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Poor Mike had to drive to Livermore this afternoon to pick up supplies to prepare for a food show later in the week. He's been through quite the ringer at work lately, with coworkers taking over his accounts but getting in the way more than helping and other related situations, and I feel badly for him. Hopefully he has turned a corner and will have a better week.

I always think I'm going to get so much done when he's gone. Not that I do nothing when he's here, but for some reason, I have this belief that I'll be able to do things that I don't do when he's here. Thing is, I still seem to sit around, watch TV and hang out on the internet like I would when he's here, only I do so with more awareness of his absence. It's odd.

I'm slowly but surely getting better. I haven't taken any (!) painkillers today. I'll probably give in before bed just because I probably won't be able to sleep very well otherwise, but it's not too bad. My foot and face/head still hurt, but after sleeping quite a lot yesterday, I'm feeling more normal than I have in a long time. Hopefully this will only continue to improve. I'd mostly like to eventually get back into exercising more effectively (those two early days where I got up to lift weights every week feels like forever ago), but so far, I've managed to at least bring my walking time back up to 30, if not 40, minutes per day on top of my physical therapy exercises. Not bad. I'm feeling kind of discouraged that I still have to go to physical therapy, but if that's what's going to fix me, I'll suck it up. Also I'm not thrilled that my nose isn't 100% yet; but I've breathed wrong for years and had the infection for half a year; so I really shouldn't have expected it to be instantly better. It's still better than it was before surgery, so that's comforting.

My previous entry highlighted just how out of practice I am with writing. I feel like I could have written it better or that I have missed my own point or that something isn't quite right with it. I think the solution to that problem is to get back into writing pretty much anything again (and/or editing my own work, which I'm ironically not very versed in anymore), regardless of audience or purpose or whatever my own criticisms are, but we'll see how well that works out with how life has been lately. I'm just really aware of my own lack of skill right now. It's a weird feeling.

The other thing in the forefront of my mind lately is the number of people who have been supporting me through everything that's happened in the last year, and I am humbled by both the people I take for granted but shouldn't (namely, my mother, husband, best friends, coworkers and other family members) and the people I thought didn't notice me all that much (people more on the fringe of my life that I honestly don't always notice enough either). I am very lucky for no particular reason. It borders on ridiculous. Thank you for sticking around.
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When I started working for the legislature, I decided I would walk on each of my breaks. This was mostly because I was very afraid of how the "sit all day" office environment was going to affect my health, and this was the only way I could think to counteract that. (I also managed to lose some weight those first few months because I took my diet to the extreme, but that has definitely tapered off since then.)

When my break schedule was set in stone, I noticed that I walk past a lot of the same people pretty much every day. On my lunch break, a man who wears jeans as well as a wide hat to cover his balding head walks in the shade around the governor's building. He has said hello to me a few times and commented on how he walks two miles during lunch! Otherwise, we usually don't make eye contact but just nod and pass. In fact, because of my general introversion, that's mostly what I do while walking because I don't want to get into weird situations with people because I've proven that I'm not good at small talk, even if I'm doing it for a good reason.

In the afternoon, an older couple walks most days, regardless of the weather. A few months (or maybe a year?) into my job, I stopped them and had a brief conversation about how I saw them every day. I don't know what possessed me to do this. They mostly looked at me like I was crazy and kept walking. I reverted back to not making eye contact and didn't attempt to talk to them again.

Obviously I haven't been able to walk very much recently, but I have started to get back out and try to walk on my breaks again, even if I am a lot slower these days. I tend to walk a little more than half of what I used to in the same amount of time, mostly because my foot hurts with each step. Still, the foot doctor says this is the best thing for me to do to get rid of the osteopenia (which, during my last appointment, he said is starting to go away), and it's not as bad as it used to be. It's just harder.

Before my sinus surgery a few weeks ago, I was struggling to walk past the governor's building during lunch, and the man with the hat that I used to walk past every day stopped me and asked why I wasn't walking as well as I used to. I told him what happened with my foot, and with that context, he said it was good to see me out trying.

Fast forward to today, my first day at work post-sinus surgery. I had pretty much convinced myself not to walk on my breaks, and yet I found myself outside on my afternoon break anyway. As I made my way to the sidewalk, I passed the older couple. To my surprise, the man said, "Excuse me."

I looked up, and he said, "It's nice to see you back. We wondered what happened to you."
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I went to the ENT to get the drains out of my nose yesterday. While we were waiting for the doctor because the receptionist didn't know where he was, another patient came in wanting to have his drain removed. They told him that the doctor I was waiting for wasn't coming back and that they'd have to reschedule his drain removal for the next day in the office in Minden, about a half hour away.

Sitting there, I got more and more irritated at the doctor's absence and how they were taking care of this man who had just come in when I had been waiting for ten minutes for word, but then a nurse came over to talk to me. She said that while my doctor wasn't going to make it, I could have a different doctor who worked for the office look at it and see if the drains should come out. I was more than happy with this, and it turned out the other doctor could take the drains out. I also scheduled an appointment to see my actual doctor in two weeks.


It's been nice for the most part. The first thing I smelled on leaving the building was rain because it had been raining when we walked in, so that was pleasant. My mom was also here to help, so Mike and I took her to a new Mexican place that opened recently on that end of town. It turned out pretty tasty. I still have a fair amount of congestion and woke up with a headache this morning (from not sleeping very well or allergies probably), but it's better than not being able to breathe at all. I can already tell the left side of my nose is much wider now and lets in more air, and so far the pressure of the infection hasn't returned. I was having a lot of trouble tasting anything, much less smelling anything, with the drains in place, but that's slowly coming back. I like being able to close my mouth when eating, breathing, drinking, brushing my teeth, and just doing normal activities, which is something I'll probably go back to taking for granted pretty shortly. Though I still have a numb spot in the very front of my palate, I'm hoping this will mend itself too.

So far so good. So much so, I think I'll probably return to work tomorrow. Should be okay.

I also had a follow-up appointment with my foot doctor this morning, which is why my mom was in town. He showed me x-rays and said that the osteopenia is going away; the joints have successfully fused; and pretty much everything he set out to do has happened. He wants me to continue physical therapy, and I'll see him again in three months.

Not too shabby. I'm going back to physical therapy tonight after cancelling two appointments last Friday and Monday, but hopefully I will continue to improve and haven't lost too much ground while healing from this round of surgery. I tried to keep up with the assigned daily stretches at least, even if I wasn't walking or biking as normal, so maybe I'll be okay. It still hurts to walk, but hopefully that will go away eventually too.

One bad attitude I've had during this whole situation involves someone with whom I went to high school. I feel really badly because she had an accident about a month ago where she was riding her horse. From what I've gathered, she fell off the horse, and the horse fell on her. She had a trauma fracture to her foot, had surgery and has been in a cast since then. I've been trying to encourage her because I thought we had a similar injury, and it sucks to be on crutches/in a cast/in pain for that long. All of this is true regardless of the time you're dealing with the injury, but it turns out she's already in a walking boot.

I only bring this up because, damn, she had a horse fall on her. I only fell on some stairs, and somehow my injury was more traumatic.

(Don't get me wrong. I'm not a total asshole. I still feel pretty badly for her, and I wouldn't wish a broken foot on anyone, regardless of circumstances. I'm just envious of her shorter healing time.)

Anyway, that's all the follow-up that's fit to print. Hooray, hoorah. Let's get back to normal, yes? Whatever that is.

EDIT: And because I am dumb, I thought my physical therapy appointment today was at 5:00, but it was actually at 4:30. I suck.
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Let's see.

I shaved 8 minutes off my mile walk time since last week. Not too shabby.
(45 minutes two weeks ago. 40 minutes one week ago. 32 minutes this morning.)

I sat with the kitties for a while this morning, which doesn't happen too often for too long.

I also lifted weights and did my physical therapy exercises.
(Damn, I've gotten weak. It's almost like I used to work with weights twice a week then stopped doing it for three months because I couldn't use my arms. Weird.)

I started laundry because that's a given Saturday task.
(Still incomplete right now.)

I went through the clothes in my closet, chest of drawers and storage containers, and I managed to put together four garbage bags full of clothes to give to charity.
(Good lord. Why do I have so many clothes? Oh right, I'm a friggin' yuppie.)

Mike and I cleaned out the meat and cheese drawer in the fridge then went grocery shopping even though we didn't need a lot.
(Managed to spend more than we do when we actually need stuff. Mike laughed and said it's always that way.)

I haven't been on the internet since about 3:00 yesterday, which is odd.
(After work and therapy, we ate at IHOP because Mike's so carb-starved, he's now craving pancakes, which he doesn't really like normally. We also watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure on a VHS tape Mike brought when he moved because I still have a TV with a VHS player in it in the bedroom. Haha, good times.)

Now Mike's making a low-carb casserole, partially because I wondered if it was possible to have such a thing since the binders in casseroles are usually pretty starchy. He found a recipe that seems promising, though--sausage, cauliflower, mushroom, chicken casserole with cheese. Sounds tasty anyway.

The dryer is beeping upstairs, so that's probably about enough of that.

EDIT: Oh, and I bought this guy last week, and it's one of my new favorite things. No foolin'.
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I hate you, new livejournal layout. Haaaate you.

Now that that's over with, commence with the other complaining.

Ah, not entirely. I took a walk today. I went a little over a mile in 45 minutes. This is still pretty pathetic compared to what I used to do (3+ miles in an hour), but it's better than using crutches. It's just disheartening when someone rolls by on a bicycle and asks, "Did you pull a muscle or something?" No, no. It's okay. I just broke my foot the beginning of the year. Carry on.

(Also the lady at work who told me I look lopsided can kiss my ass.)

I've been trying to walk a lot more because at my last appointment, the doctor said I have osteopenia, which means the bones are not as dense as they should be. The doctor called them "moth eaten" again and said he hoped I'd be off the crutches by the time I see him again in a couple of weeks. Mission accomplished on that one at least. He said the osteopenia is from disuse, and I can reverse it by walking. (Also, osteopenia is what the astronauts get! Breaking your foot is totally like going to the space station! LOL.)

I still have quite a bit of pain, so it's hard to walk normally. At physical therapy, the therapist told me to try not to limp as well as take smaller steps, which I'm finding difficult on top of trying to focus on putting my heel on the ground first and following through to my toes. (Apparently I've been walking wrong my whole life, which I guess isn't surprising since I had to wear Stride Rites as a kid because I was slightly pigeon-toed.) When I mentioned the osteopenia, the therapist tried to tell me it wasn't causing me any pain and that that might have been what broke my foot in the first place. (Haha, no. I have a hard time believing my bones were that weak with how much I walked and exercised before I was clumsy and stupid on the stairs. Try again.)

Any kid (girl) Mike and I have is most likely going to have foot/leg problems, considering my issues, my family's general problem with weak ankles/joint problems, and both Mike's mother and sister having foot and leg casts in the past. Woo! Good thing we don't have to think about that for a few years? I dunno. Great topics to have on hand.

I keep trying to find a suitable place for this to go, but I have a massive sinus headache right now. Also fun! Curse you for trying to take care of your foot before you take care of your face, past Fiona.

(Don't worry. I'll still thank you later. Probably.)
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All of these topics deserve a longer entry eventually--

Made it to Utah for Mike's brother's graduation. (Got in yesterday, went to the capital building then graduation today, will have a murder mystery dinner tomorrow, then home Sunday-- will have pictures and more stories later on.)

Mike had to start a new low-carb diet because the liver doctor said so. (He might have metabolic disorder. They're going to test that later this month I think. Hopefully he can get a little healthier. He's been doing really well so far on the diet and going to the gym, though I know it's not easy.) :/

I will most likely be in physical therapy longer than the six weeks my doctor recommended because I'm still not walking properly.

I still haven't heard back from scheduling about the sinus surgery. Not sure when I can get that done because of physical therapy and such. Grand.

BUT we're having a pretty good time, I think, especially not being at work (well, sorta-- Mike's still answering emails and approving sample requests throughout the day). Will be interesting to go back to work Monday, but I have Wednesday off, so it's kind of a wash.

Anyway, it's all good right now.
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Hmmmmm... My last entry was kind of depressing. Sorry. I'm in a bit of a better place, though I received some not so great (but also not surprising) news on Friday.


I had kind of an awkward social moment on Wednesday. Read more... )

Thursday I felt pretty awful. For whatever reason, my forearms were really sore (I think I might have been knitting too much); my foot hurt a lot; the ankle on my "good" foot didn't feel right; and the back of my head felt terrible. I blame most of the aches and pains on the storm that was coming in, but the pain in the back of my head was something new. I looked it up on google because that's always a good idea, and I figured out from one of the first pages that it could be caused by my sinusitis. I spent the rest of the day reassuring myself I was seeing the doctor Friday and that he'd tell me if he could help.

That brings us to Friday, where it rained almost all day and made my joints cry, and I had my appointment with the ENT doctor. Read more... )

Well, today was pretty productive. Mike and I went to brunch at Heidi's (where we heard a kid ask for orange juice with whipped cream, lol). We also went to get new shoes at Famous Footwear, though I didn't find any because my foot is still kind of hard to fit in most shoes. I picked up some cosmetics I was running out of, and we picked up a few housewares at Bed, Bath and Beyond. After that, we had kind of an irritating experience trying to get particle board cut at Lowe's (poor Mike hates Lowe's), but we finally got a board to put under the mattress in the guest room since a regular box spring won't work on my old day bed. It seems to be working pretty well, so maybe guests won't have a sinking bed if they stay with us now.

Other than that, not much is going on. Mike went to the gym, and I cleaned house, did laundry and paid bills. I've got to schedule this surgery soon, but I'm just getting to where I enjoy things again. At least I'm also seeing a lot of progress at physical therapy, so that's encouraging. I only have to work three days this week because we're going to see Mike's brother graduate from culinary school in Utah later this week, so that's also a definite plus. It'll be fun to see his family again, and they're planning a murder mystery party that could be entertaining. Since we haven't been out of state since I broke my foot, maybe the change in scenery will do us both good too.
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Hello. I believe last time I updated, I talked about meeting a new physical therapist at PT and how we pretty much got off on the wrong foot (heh). Well, I've been to PT twice since then, and the first time, I told Gary I was on prednisone, and he didn't care at all. He was happy that the swelling was gone and just said to remind him when I wasn't on it anymore in case it comes back. So, after all that, I did a whole bunch of worrying over nothing, per usual. I just feel extra dumb about it because I kept fretting and bugging Mike about it because my stupid anxious mind wouldn't let it go, but it turned out okay.

I also had PT yesterday. Both Gary and Jessica were there, and Jessica was my therapist for the day. She seemed to be a bit more toned down, and since I had already told them about the steroids, I wasn't as worried. Jessica did make a little dig to Gary, saying, "She lost her crutch last time she was in here, and I reminded her to use it," but whatever. It wasn't as bad. I think I understand her general attitude now and can tolerate it, especially if it's going to make me walk. I think part of what they started yesterday is gait training, which should help.

As for the rest of yesterday, I ended up taking the whole day off, something I didn't intend to do because most of the other managers were already off or on vacation, but the manager on duty Thursday said I could because I had a CT scan of my sinuses in the morning (where the radiologist said, "Wow, it is really clogged in there!" ugh) and PT in the afternoon. It did make the whole day easier. Because I had the day off and had to be up early-ish for the scan, I was able to move PT up to 10:00 in the morning and be done with medical stuff by 11:00. I then got a haircut (another thing I've been complaining about incessantly) and shopped a bit at JC Penny's (where I saved $90 or something ridiculous because I had no idea they were having such huge sales until I went in there). After that, we were able to go to a sub shop in town for lunch and then come home and relax for a bit. Since we had plans to meet my sister and brother for Good Friday sushi in Reno for dinner, this worked out pretty well.

Sushi was good, other than my crutch falling into the table behind us where other people were eating (twice, yikes). My sister is still feeling a little sick, but we all stood in the parking lot and, among other things, talked about how I have roid rage and need an intervention and how my dad inexplicably told my sister he likes to put splenda on cheddar cheese. Hmm.

I'm probably forgetting a lot of things, and this entry isn't very cohesive. Sorry. I should probably go move laundry and try to get rid of this headache. Happy Saturday, though! Also Happy Easter if you celebrate. :D


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