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Ah, Mike and his dad are on their way to Sacramento; and my mom won't get here for another couple of hours; so I've got some time to kill. Really, I ought to be doing laundry or something productive but not super tiring, but this is just as well. I don't get a lot of time to just sit and do this anymore.

Mike's dad's flight was delayed through Vegas, so he didn't get into Reno until almost 10, which put them in Carson around 11. We stayed up talking with him for a bit, and when he went to bed, Mike and I talked some more. We didn't get up until 9, and I feel a little bad about that because Brent is on Mountain time and had to be starving by that point. Oh well. We still had a nice little brunch at Heidi's in town, and after that we drove around town to show what little sights we have, haha.

I kind of forget there's more to this town, even after living in it for three years. I think Mike knows the streets better than I do now, but then again, every other year I have about six to eight months where the only places I go are work, the grocery store and home. I suppose that doesn't do much for getting to know a place, even if you were born here and have lived in the area your whole life.

Well, when I put it that way, I don't really have an excuse. For any of this.

I've been listening to these guys a lot recently again. I know I shouldn't have too many regrets about a really great event, but we wanted this song to play while we had our first dance at the wedding. I know it wasn't meant to be, and we couldn't have planned for the DJ to bring the wrong program as well as have a seizure right before the ceremony. Still, that along with not getting proper pictures with my siblings because our photographer didn't really understand us (and I didn't quite know what to tell her because I didn't have enough time to pull that one together) are probably my biggest regrets. It doesn't matter now. What's important is we're together and married. Things worked out somehow, and the future lays before us in a sea of possibilities.

I don't quite know what's next. Of course, I would have never believed this is where I'd end up if someone had told me ten years ago. I guess that's the flipside of not knowing, that there's equal opportunity for the fantastic and the horrible, the incredible and the pedestrian, the fulfilling and the heartbreaking, and everything in between, if not all at once.

I can't say too much or I feel like I'll jinx it. Even saying that is kind of throwing it out into the universe. I'm not asking for anything else to happen. Just saying.

BUT I'll leave you with a word of advice--
If you happen to buy giant microbes for your significant other because you think they're funny, don't leave them hanging around the living room where anyone can find them. Otherwise, you might have a conversation like this with your father-in-law:
"Hmm. Herpes is a weird name for a toy."
"Oh! Uh, yeah. Mono is over there too."



Nov. 17th, 2013 09:44 pm
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Today, I got my hair cut for the first time as a married woman. You know, only three months later. That's kind of ridiculous.

Unrelated, but also appropriate, our photographer finished editing our wedding pictures. <3

If you didn't catch our link on facebook, the site is here.

Also, Mike starts his new job tomorrow, so lots of things are coming together. :)
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Despite my recent bout with allergies (where I keep semi-jokingly requesting Mike kill me, which he won't oblige for some reason), I am really enjoying having weekends back. I don't think I realized just how much I missed them until we started settling back into them again. It's very different having another person around all the time as well. It's much nicer to have Mike here rather than having to figure out a time to call or skype or whatever with our various schedules. I know it won't always be like this (especially if Mike finds a job where he works on weekends), but I like being able to plan dinner and mess around and have time to figure things out.

Speaking of not working weekends, the job Mike started on Friday with the sunroom people didn't quite work out. He went there Friday, and his potential boss had him sit in on a conference call, of which Mike had no idea about and didn't understand much of. On top of that, the guy was kind of rude, and Mike found him untrustworthy, which I can totally understand. Good enough explanation for me. Besides, he would have been working really late nights as well as on Saturdays, and I'm hoping we can avoid that if possible. Hopefully he finds something else that's a much better fit. He has another interview set up for a job he actually wants, so fingers crossed.

We finally started thank you cards as well. Mike was able to get wallet-sized pictures printed of the few pictures the photographer sent us, so we're looking forward to getting all of those out. It's nice to be able to include pictures with the thank you cards since we weren't able to with the invitations given the tight time frame we had. I'm happy about that.

We didn't get much else done today, but I made slow cooker chili. It was pretty good. Today was pretty good. I'm not sure what else there is to say at the moment.
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Hey, we finagled some pictures out of the photographer (that is to say, she was nice enough to put some up for us even though she's said it's going to take two to three months to sort through and edit our pictures); so maybe we can get our thank you cards out soon. I'm pretty excited about that, probably because once that's done, I can stop thinking about how ungrateful we are... haha.

Not really, but you know. Also when we have all the pictures, I'll post a link so you can see. What I've seen so far has been pretty nice. :)

Did I mention that during the last few months, my wisdom teeth have been growing in?Complain. )

And yes, I'm still irritated about the government shutdown. I just don't have any specific rant about it today.

Also, Mike has been really good about cooking dinner lately even while he's out of work. He's a sweetheart and can be too hard on himself when trying to find a job during the day. I'm pretty sure he's doing everything he can. I just hope something breaks soon for his sake.

Lastly, I had a dream a few nights ago that I was in a library. I got bored in the adult library, so when I found a tiny stairwell, I tried to go down it. It got too tight to continue walking down, so I ended up having to jump to the lower level, which was a children's library. They told me I could become a member and started making my ID with a popsicle mold, a piece of cake or rice crispy treat, a banana, and some other things to give it a face that you wouldn't be able to see until it was unmolded. I didn't get to see it unmolded because I woke up.

I, uh, I have no idea either.
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On Thursday, they announced we'd be working 10 hours that day and 8 hours on Friday. We're now back to a normal schedule with weekends off entirely.

We've managed to buy a knitting book for Mike's niece (and my niece now too, which is odd to say), arrange to get the extra mattress/box spring/terrible twin mattress in the guest room situation figured out (should be delivered/taken out next week); put away most of the wedding gifts that have been piled on the floor since we came back (which really just means I need to figure out thank you cards really quickly even though we're waiting for our wedding pictures to come in so we can send one in each); and participated in a psychology study at the university today that mostly involved recounting terrible life histories.

That's not all we did, but those are the more interesting bits. I've had two days off, and all I really want to do is go back to bed with Mike and sleep some more. Oh well. It's quite all right, of course, and we'll be completely done with codification sometime this week, which is good. Once that's done, I can ask for a few days off to change my name on my license since I've got my social security card in the mail on Friday, and... well, I don't know. It's nice to have time, even if I don't really know what to do with it. I'm tired. That's about it.


Sep. 5th, 2013 09:17 pm
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-Off of work until next Wednesday.
-Mike's parents got in yesterday morning, and we had lunch with them and my parents. We also had dinner with them in Tahoe last night.
-I wrote and sent my vows.
-Music is set (and we finally got a contract from him today).
-Mike picked up his tux (and the pants were short, but they fixed them on the spot).
-My sister and her girlfriend made it last night.
-My mom has my dress.
-I'm slightly worried the photographer won't actually show up because I don't have alternate contact information for her because I realized there's no phone number on any of the contracts I have for her and she hasn't answered my email from last week. :/
-Most everyone else is getting in tomorrow (or early on Saturday).
-I just want to stay home because I woke up with a migraine this morning, but tomorrow is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the J&T (Basque food for everyone).

And... wedding Saturday. Yikes.


Sep. 2nd, 2013 10:03 pm
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Also the fact that I have to work tomorrow. And worrying about stupid crap. So not only that, I guess.

But I cleaned house today and hopefully everything's taken care of by now or in motion otherwise (except in the case of writing vows, which I still have to find time to do but have started in the form of vague notes and probably other things I'm forgetting).

Uh, the end.
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BUT we have bubbles and sparklers and a pastor and food and cake! SO it'll be great!

(Sorry, I don't have much I want to hash out at the moment. I'm just kind of excited it's coming together... Also that Mike moved in this Wednesday, which hasn't been without it's struggles and there's still lots of adjustment to go as well as organizing, but we'll make it work.)
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So... twenty days of work in a row. Taking tomorrow off to see the pastor for some pre-marriage counseling, the venue for entree tasting, and a bakery for a cake tasting.

SHEESH. How are you doing?


Aug. 6th, 2013 10:25 pm
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1. I:
(a) Picked out flowers today.
(b) Am still working way too much.
(c) Miss sitting and writing at home.
(d) Have so much left to do even if a lot is already finished.
(e) Stay up way too late for being this exhausted.
(f) Keep perpetuating this cycle and wondering when it'll change.
2. NRS formatting demands there be a "2." to every "1." I can't think of a 2., so here's this nonsense instead. Also I could have just made it a normal list, but I liked this better. There's some useless information for you about how I spend my time lately.

And I should be in bed asleep right this second because I have to get up in seven hours, but I'll probably lay awake for another hour or two. Isn't that how it always works? Whatever kind of insomnia this is, is kicking my ass.
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So uh, the big project that I said was going to send us into overtime at work a little before or after the wedding in September? The one I was trying to plan the wedding around because planning a wedding is stressful enough without working overtime?

They dropped that on us while I was on vacation. Oh, and it's also due at the end of September. After a nice trip and birthday, I came back to near chaos. I've worked 23 hours overtime in the past six days. We're on mandatory 10-hour shifts on weekdays and 8-hour shifts on weekend days (with 1.5 hours optional on top of each shift).

I meant to update about the trip up the coast. I meant to do a lot of things this week. So far it's been working and trying to prep in my spare time, which has mostly involved putting together invitations until way too late at night and freaking out about not being able to get everything done before the seventh arrives. (Also a little bit of sleep deprivation since I didn't sleep too well on vacation and have been sleeping even worse now.)

I wasn't expecting half of my free time to be taken away again so quickly. It's basically the worst time for this to happen, but oh well. We'll get through it somehow, I guess, especially since we're getting married five weeks away from today!

Good lord.

But maybe I'll find a little more time now that a few more things are figured out. There's still a lot more to figure out, but it'll come together. I hope anyway. I just wish I was still in Seattle having brunch on the top of the Space Needle or outside Fort Brag at Pine Beach Inn overlooking a beach. Sigh. Oh well. I will be in touch soon. I promise. Don't feel like I'm ignoring you. There's just way too much going on at the moment.

Also love? Somewhere in there. ;)
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July 21- San Francisco, CA
July 22- Cotati, CA
July 23- Mendocino and Fort Bragg, CA
July 24- Crescent City, CA
July 25- Portland, OR
July 26-27- Seattle, WA

I turned thirty yesterday. The trip up the coast was very fun, but now I'm very tired. I will update this later. I just didn't want to forget the timeline. In the meantime, there are lots of pictures on facebook. :)

And yes, we're still getting married. Less than seven weeks now, and Mike moves up here in less than two. I haven't really stopped since I got home. If you're expecting an invitation, you will find one in the mail soon.

Not looking forward to going back to work, but it's okay. So it goes.


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