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I moved into an apartment where my ex and his brother lived. I knew I'd have to try to figure out how to get along with my ex, so I tried to reach out to him and invite him into my room. He declined, and I felt that it was a good sign because I didn't really want to get back together. I went out and watched TV with his brother while waiting for a ride to the new school I had to register at.

A big computerized display was in the background that listed mentors for each of the people in the apartment, all of which happened to be Indian. They were ranked by how well each of their charges were doing in school. I was excited because I knew I would do well in school, but I felt bad for whoever was at the bottom of the list because he had a red flashing zero or negative number next to his name. I wondered who this mentor's student was but went back to watching TV.

For some reason, there kept being a delay for my ride to school, and there was always an excuse as to why I couldn't go to school just yet. I went into the kitchen and put a bowl of food in the microwave. Before the timer went off, I opened the microwave to see if it was done, and it was very close. I put it back in for the rest of the time left and turned to look into the other room. When I turned back, it had caught on fire.

In the race to find a fire extinguisher, I had multiple arguments with my ex because he thought I should just let the fire burn and was trying to prevent me from finding the fire extinguisher. By the time I found one, I wasn't sure if it would work, and my clock radio alarm was going off.

What's that all about?
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Kung-fu fighting? )

Speaking of exes, I got this message on new year's eve: "With all the crap that's happened this year I want to say that I am sorry for the way that I treated you and acted around you. I was an insensitive asshole and it was a wonder that you were ever friends with me. That being said I want to thank you for all the years that we were friends and apologize for the years we were not because it was my fault! I hope you have a great 2016"

That would be from Thomas Warner, who I hadn't heard from since his grandmother, the only reason I knew him in the first place, died last April. Weird stuff. I didn't respond.

Not speaking of exes, we took Kiki to the vet yesterday because she's been sneezing for weeks now and getting it all over everything we own (plus we are still concerned and all, haha). The doctor gave Kiki another shot, her third since last August, as well as some information about a CT scan because she's still concerned she might have a nasal tumor and that would be the best way to figure out if she does, though they might take it and still not be able to see it. We're on the fence about it. On one hand, I'd like to know if she has cancer. On the other, it's an estimated $500-$1000 test, and every time they've given her this shot, she's gotten better for a while. Just hard to be on the roller coaster of not knowing, and since Kiki favors Mike, I'd hope he wouldn't have to go through the same deal he went through with his cat, Katie. Time will tell I guess. New to this appointment, they found she had a swollen lymph node in her leg that could be due to inflammation or cancer as well, so that's fun. This is not counting in Olive, who we haven't gotten a senior screen for but should because she's reabsorbing a tooth and should probably get dental work but they don't know if that would kill her in the process because of her age. Sigh.

And we're considering children at some point?!

This weekend has been pretty low-key otherwise. Usual chores and such. We also went to brunch today for an early celebration for my dad's birthday, which was nice, no drama, and tasty. Otherwise, my head is in a weird place, but at least I also have the day off tomorrow. Not much else to report now, I suppose.
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I've been having a lot of jacked up dreams lately, most of which I mercifully don't remember. This one, though, I did. Dreams are dumb )

We had a very nice visit in Utah.Farewell Riley )

This week hasn't been too strenuous. I worked for three days then had yesterday off so I could go with Mike to his follow-up appointment for his ankle. His doctor said he could start putting weight on his foot again, but to do so gradually so he can get used to it again after not being on it for eight weeks. He is still using his crutches to get around, but at least he can now put both feet on the ground and move forward. I think that makes things much easier to deal with. After we got home, I finished a blanket I started the week I broke my own foot, so I guess that's kind of fitting. Hopefully going forward won't involve any more broken feet, but we'll see what the future holds.

Other than that, got a new dishwasher today (because I've hated the way ours doesn't clean our dishes for quite a while now) and custom framed Mike's anniversary gift (a printout on cloth of our vows). We also finally got to try Peg's Glorious Ham 'n Eggs, which opened in our town a few weeks ago, and bought some groceries. Pretty successful overall, I think. Mike goes to Livermore tomorrow, and then it's time for another week. So it goes.
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I had a dream that I was back in college and dating Chris again, only I figured out later I'm married and felt really bad about it. My dream self then decided to debate who was the best out of him, Austin and Mike, and of course, Mike came out on top for several reasons, which made me feel even worse for kissing and having feelings for someone behind his back.

I woke up alone. Of course. Mike's in Livermore.

I realized today that it's been close to if not exactly ten years since I've seen Chris. If I felt like digging, I could figure out the precise day, but it doesn't really matter. As far as I know, he's long gone from here. Not too many months after that, I started up with Austin, and that relationship remains the longest I've ever been in, but not for too much longer. (May of next year will crush that record if you're curious.) Austin lives closer to me, but I haven't seen him in maybe four and a half years? Just after I started working here but before I moved, I think.

I've known Very Pretty for almost fourteen years. (How's that for weird, eh college roommate?) Certain other friends have come and gone in that period. Before her, my longest friendship lasted twelve years before I severed ties. Most of the people I grew up with I either don't talk to or don't know anymore outside of facebook, and that's okay.

Recently, I've been downsizing my friend's list there. I had a strong reaction to seeing pictures of someone I went on one pseudo date with after breaking up with Austin which didn't go anywhere because he had some derogatory things to say about gay people at the end of it. I literally know more about him through his facebook than I do from the time I spent in real life with him, and I decided I didn't care at all about him. Then I looked around and decided I didn't care about a lot of people, and suddenly I was below 120 friends on facebook.

I've probably spent a little too much time thinking about how social contacts used to work. I seem to recall in pre-internet times being able to entirely fall out of touch with someone over the course of your life, to the point where you hardly (if ever) think about them if they didn't mean anything to you. Also, it was a lot harder to look someone up if you ever had a passing whim about them, let alone a search engine at your fingertips begging you to find out, hey, that person lives this sort of life now! Isn't that interesting and not at all ultimately useless? Perhaps this sounds cruel and weird of me, but I've been feeling like that antiquated process would be preferable to the many slow deaths of relationships you experience over social media--people ghosting out of your life instead of reminding you every once in a while what they ate for dinner and how much you've both changed and disagree now. Lives coming together then drifting apart. The same old story told by different players.

I guess I'm mostly tired of caring about people who wouldn't notice if I suddenly disappeared. Yeah, I guess that makes me an asshole.

My dad was here yesterday and looked at one of the paintings I have on my wall. He said it was amazing because my Uncle John painted one almost exactly like it, down to the circles and color scheme. My mom said I was my uncle's niece. I wish I could have gotten to know him as an adult. He's been gone for fourteen years. I miss him.

But here we are, and time is short. It seems to be getting shorter all the time.
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Circumstances like this are still super lame: School Prom off After Lesbian's Date Request

Booooo. Have I mentioned I considered wearing a tux to my senior prom? (I only didn't because I found a dress that had tux-like details.) They're just clothes, people. (Except when it's politics over who you love.)

Dreams about rappelling )

Anyway, need to get some stuff done today. Be back later.
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Riding in the car with Austin and his dad earlier--

Austin said, "Do you mind if I change it to top 40 hits?"

Austin's dad agreed. A few minutes later, he said, "Wait, this isn't right. I thought you meant hits of the 40s."


EDIT: Also forgot this little tid-bit--

Little Austin asked if Austin's mustache was real. I said it was, and he rubbed his fingers over it.

He said, "It doesn't feel real. Can I feel the other side?" He felt it. "No, still doesn't feel real."

Double ha.
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Hey, look! It's an article about Austin's moped gang and the rally they are having next weekend.

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The sun is like a honey
and then there's more poem after that

(I guess he doesn't like poetry.)
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This shirt brings the lulz, if you'll pardon my internet speak.

I've been reading two comics more and more that I've probably mentioned before, but they're so good, it bears repeating.

One is an ongoing story-line that won't make sense if you haven't read the whole thing. It has flashbacks and a rich history that is still being made around a host of characters. -> Anders loves Maria

And the other is a silly diary comic by a queer woman who recently married. -> DAR

I ate jello for breakfast at around 11:30, and Austin is coming for lunch at 2:00-ish. Don't know what I'm going to do about that.

Also, I finally got to play Sims 3 (actually got it two days ago but didn't play because of work) and am a little disappointed that it focuses on only one household per game when the towns are so massive. Sims 2 almost seems to have more to offer at this point, but that's with lots of expansion packs, too. Of course, I also didn't get to play very long and really only ended up making a sim version of myself because I'm just that cool (oh, and Dick Cheney, but that was hilarious), so maybe I'm missing something? I don't know.

Anyway, I'm going to San Francisco for the weekend, so if I don't talk to you before then, have a good one.
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Cinco de Mayo fell on date night with Austin yesterday. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, mostly because I like Mexican food but didn't feel like cooking or spending a ton of money. Then it came to me!

"Let's go to both Taco Bell and Del Taco!"

So we did. Fake Mexican food for everyone.

(I also found an $8 copy of this game on PC. It normally retails for $40! Score! Everyone else's loss is my gain! Now, when will I have time to play it?)


Dec. 24th, 2008 11:54 am
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My mother told me when I was younger that I shouldn't lose my virginity before marriage because I would be giving a part of myself to that person that I could never get back. This idea returned to me yesterday as I bought braided string cheese, of all things. Read more... )
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To Do (Not all necessarily today):

-Start deposition summaries (Yay!)
-Finish Aurora's gift (Cutting it close this year! Sorry about the missed call yesterday too.)
-Finish wrapping
-Decorate tree (Three days left and it only has lights that Siobhan put on it. Pathetic, I know.)
-Vacuum, clean couches of cat hair
-Exercise, shower
-Laundry maybe?
-Figure out TMCC paycheck?
-Quit babbling about nothing and get to work.

That last one might be the hardest of all.

The weekend was good. Austin and I made cookies and decided the cookie press is broken even though we've only used it twice since I received it last year. Oh well. Mom said it was cheap anyway. Also got the last of my shopping done hopefully and ate pizza from Blind Onion. Sounds like a success even though we never got around to doing puzzles like Austin wanted.

And it's trying to snow again. There goes my intention of taking a walk. Or does it?
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Feeling a little more positive today, so here's a post without the gloom and doom.

-Finished my last practice set (23 pages!) and got a good start on my final project in research. Project is worth 50% of my grade and making me nervous, but I had a productive time at the law library this evening.
-The trip to the law library was my only class scheduled this week, and it was optional. Now all I have to do is finish my medical terminology quizzes for the week and I'll have fulfilled my educational obligations through Friday.
-Need to finish my research concerning divorce for case analysis so the group project meeting on Saturday will go well. Not looking forward to the meeting and I hate group projects, but it should be OK.
-Been trying to move Kiki's food out of reach at night in an attempt to curb Olive's overeating and Kiki's puking. It seems to be working except for the fact that Kiki still eats way too fast and decided it was a good idea to puke on the rug anyway after I gave her food this morning.
-My older sister is coming into town for my younger sister's birthday and Thanksgiving. Should be fun despite the full house.
-Forgot to mention I shared a candy bar with Austin this afternoon after finding half a Reese's still in my car. Oh, sugar rush.
-I am also expecting a package soon, and according to USPS tracking, it's left Springfield, MA!

There's a lot left to do, and I should be doing it now. Just wanted to try to start over, even if I've done so several times before.
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My horoscope says this today:
Today's Leo Horoscope
Nov 17, 2008

It is time for you to refill the well of your soul, dear Leo. So much of your life is spent in service to others that it is only natural that you will feel drained from time to time. Rather than trying to push past this feeling and going on as though nothing were the matter, you might instead consider it a sign that something is amiss in your life. If you are feeling unappreciated, admit it. You have spent too much of your life putting others' happiness before your own. It is time to change your priorities.

Meanwhile, I have a huge practice set due in a week that I've made little headway on. I can't find the motivation to work on it today, and there's lots of stuff due this week. (Two briefs, several missed chapters to read, a new assignment in class today, a group presentation coming up, an interview, medical terminology quizzes, stuff I've forgotten surely...)

I hardly have any viable food in the house that isn't scrounged from the freezer. I can't even make macaroni and cheese because I keep forgetting to buy milk. If it weren't for Austin making fish last night and my mom bringing me a sandwich from Carson this afternoon, I don't know what I would have eaten. Ramen with corn in it perhaps? A bag full of cereal? Leftover Halloween candy? Ah, who am I kidding? Go grocery shopping, damn it!

Augh. Do I really have to fight with you, horoscope? I don't have time to waste, yet here I am, wasting it. Maybe I'll try finishing my medical terminology homework early so I have time to work on this later. That could work... Or maybe I'll just spend the next few hours job hunting and aimlessly surfing the internet.

No, no, no...

EDIT: Just tried to register for next semester, and it's telling me I haven't met prerequisites even though I'm in the prerequisite classes necessary right now. Oh, this bodes well.


Nov. 4th, 2008 12:28 pm
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Just had this text conversation--

Me: Yay election day!
Austin: Woot!
Me: No more ads!
Austin: No more video bullitons from friends!
Me: No more endless election coverage!
Austin: No more sarah palin!
Me: We hope.

EDIT: Fun fact time! The name uvula comes from the Latin for little grape.
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What's going on then? How about the short version. If you want to hear details about anything, leave a comment and I'll respond. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'll forget to give you more.

Read more... )

That brings us up to today, which was uneventful unless you count my productive cleaning earlier. Why can I only be productive when I'm avoiding doing other things? I'll be kicking myself for not researching at all this weekend later. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.


Oct. 26th, 2008 11:19 am
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Aforementioned hangout with Robbie was really fun! After watching clips from Action Jackson ("Hot! Hotter! Hottest!"), the highlight of the night was definitely Enter... Zombie King. I mean, really. A movie about zombie-killing luchadores? Crazy! Also interesting was Pet Shop of Horrors-- a series about what not to do when a weird pet shop owner sells you exotic merchandise. (Seriously? He told you not to feed it cookies. You're in deep shit now.)

I wish Blind Onion pizza wasn't so expensive. I'm dreaming of it right now.

Austin and I decorated for the Halloween party. There's a flock of rubber bats taped to the ceiling as well as a fifty foot banner encircling parts of the living room and dining area. The banner is kind of droopy, but it was so hard to put up that we gave up on making it look perfect. Maybe as the party draws nearer, we'll do something about it. There are other tricks and treats, too. I hope people come!

We went to lunch at Thai Chili yesterday with my mom. I had pineapple curry. Pretty tasty for a hole in the wall.

Most of the rest of what I want to write about is pretty pointless at the moment, so I'll leave you on that note. Time to take a walk or do homework or eat breakfast or something. Eh, stupid Sundays. Take 'em or leave 'em.

Be back soon.
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-Had a delightful time with Aurora on Friday even if it was a little short and I ate way too much at Chevy's

-Keep forgetting to mention movies I've seen. Quick review time! Tropic Thunder was entertaining but not the best movie I've ever seen. Pretty funny but kind of long for what it was. Ghost Town was a cute little piece of fluff with added awkward moments. Coming from Ricky Gervais, I would expect nothing less!

-Had half a garden burger and Caesar salad with Austin at Newman's for lunch. The burger was delicious, maybe even better than regular meat burgers! (I am biased, though. I don't really like hamburgers.) I have to admit I have completely fallen off the vegetarian wagon, though. Oops. Guess I'll just be an omnivore for now.

-Played Sims for way too long yesterday to make up for doing homework on a Saturday. Oy, my eyes.

-It's good I looked at my syllabus concerning said homework, though. I thought I had another week after this to do the other half of my research (another ten pages of questions on top of the nine I attempted this weekend), but really they're due a week from today. Good thing I thought ahead somewhat.

-It's trying to rain outside, and I can't decide whether I should change for class or not. You want to be cold or what?

-Lastly (because I really should head out soon), I woke up with some killer allergies or something this morning. My eyes stung and were watery while my nose dripped and made a general nuisance of itself with copious sneezing. What the heck? This isn't new, but I always forget. And I thought I liked fall.

OK, need to go now.
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I wrote this entry around midnight last night, but livejournal was having issues. Thought I'd post it anyway.

What have we got here? Why am I sitting in bed on my laptop freezing? Actually, it's really just my feet that are freezing even though I'm wearing two pairs of socks. Don't really understand that. Anyway--

Read more... )

I don't even know what I'm talking about now, so I guess I'll be on my way. Good night and stay sassy, internet.
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Oh, uh... Hi.

Read more... )

Austin and I went to lunch with his dad at Sushi 7 this afternoon. It was actually fairly pleasant, and I was really glad that his dad could drive and move around with his walker as well as he did. Austin told me that going to lunch and being more independent were two of the major reasons his dad wanted out of the hospital, so it was really cool to see him out and about after worrying for six months about how this was all going to go. Hopefully it will only get better from here.

Sometimes, the little things make you fall in love with life all over again.


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